XJurassic Pups

The pups have a prehistoric problem! A pterodactyl is stuck under a table and they need to bring it to safety!

XGiving Gifts

It's the season of giving for Dora! Watch her return to Rainbow Rock, bringing gifts for all her old friends!

XDora the Knight

Join Dora and Boots on their quest to become knights and save a princess in need of help!

XFestive Coloring

Draw and color with your favorite Nick Jr. friends!

XThe Wicked Wizard

The Wacky Wizard turns out to be the Wicked Wizard, surprising everyone in Castlehaven. Find out what happens in Nella vs. The Wicked Wizard!

XIcy Cave

Blaze, AJ, and Gabby dodge icicles in a frozen cave with their new penguin pal!

XThe Eagle Has Landed

When a mother eagle gets tangled in twine, it's up to Skye to face her fears and free the eagle!

XPAW Patrol: Tracker's Jungle Rescue

The PAW Patrol needs Tracker's help entering an ancient temple and locating the long-lost Golden Banana. Your child can guide this jungle pup as he swings into action collecting pup-power treats on his way to the temple. Kids can then go inside by matching the animal sounds with the correct animal behind each door. Continue solving number, color, and shape challenges to open the doors until the Golden Banana is found!

Age: 3-6

XFurry Fashion

Oh la la! Ruby and Louise put on a fancy fashion show. Watch these bunnies walk down the runway!

XAt the Salon

There are so many ways to wear your hair! Try all the different styles with the Bubble Guppies.

XDrenched Dragons

Help Blaze use his catapult to launch water balloons at the fiery dragons!