XHelp in the Kitchen

When Curly starts making a mess in the kitchen, Abby and Bozzly lend a hand!

Abby Hatcher: Help in the Kitchen
XFuzzly Catcher!

Abby Hatcher: Fuzzly Catcher is designed to show kids the fuz-tastic world of the Fuzzly's. Join Abby in finding her friends around the Hatcher Palace Hotel.

Abby Hatcher: Fuzzly Catcher!
XHearts Everywhere

It's Hearts and Hugs day! Abby, Bozzly, and their fuzzly friends are surrrounded by hearts everywhere!

Abby Hatcher: Hearts Everywhere
XPrincess Takes the Park

Abby and Bozzly help Princess Flug to go to the park so she can play with all her friends!

Abby Hatcher: Princess Takes the Park
XSinging in the Kitchen

Do, Re, Mi! Abby and Bozzly find Chef Jeff and the Squeeky Peepers singing in the kitchen!

Abby Hatcher: Singing in the Kitchen
XBecoming Friends with Bozzly

When Abby takes a tour of her new home and does some exploring, she meets her new fuzzly friend, Bozzly!

Abby Hatcher: Becoming Friends with Bozzly
XTuba Practice

Chef Jeff practices playing his tuba in the middle of the night and wakes up Hatcher Palace Hotel residents!

Abby Hatcher: Tuba Practice
XGetting Unstuck

There's a fuzzly emergency! Abby and Bozzly are on a mission to get their friends unstuck!

Abby Hatcher: Getting Unstuck
XThe Hidden Fuzzlies

When Abby and Bozzly head up to the attic, the fuzzlies try to hide from them!

Abby Hatcher: The Hidden Fuzzlies

Leave it to Abby to provide a scare-be-gone bedtime routine that will have Bozzly dreaming in no time!

Abby Hatcher: Scare-Be-Gone
XThe Fuzzly Alarm

When Abby's Fuzzly alarm goes off, it means a fuzzly is in trouble. Can she help the Fuzzly in need?

The Fuzzly Alarm
XFinding Your Talent

The fuzzlies are showing off their talents in the talent show! Teeny Terry is on a mission to discover his.

Abby Hatcher: Finding Your Talent

Abby Hatcher