XFinding the perfect pal

The Bunch discover that with Sue away, Ringo plans to spend Pal'n'Times Day by himself. They are trying to help Ringo in finding the perfect pal.

Becca's Bunch: Finding the perfect pal
XFinding a spectacular act!

Becca and the bunch are joining the big talent show in Wagtail: Wow Me Wagtail. All they need is a spectacular act to wow the judges!

Becca's Bunch: Finding a spectacular act!
XMeet Robobuck!

Buck is going on holiday so he created a robot to help the Bunch with their chores. Meet the amazing Robobuck!

Becca's Bunch: Meet Robobuck!
XWoodrock Radio

Join Becca's Bunch live in the studio for Woodrock Radio!

Woodrock Radio
XBecca's Bunch Official Theme Song

Adventure's calling Becca's Bunch! Sing along to this catchy tune with Becca, Russell, Sylvia, and Pedro.

Becca's Bunch Official Theme Song
XFinding a lead singer

For the Woodrock festival Becca's bunch offered to play, but they have no lead singer. In search for a lead singer they ask around town who wants to join.

Becca's Bunch: Finding a lead singer
XBuilding a go-kart

Casper and Jasper dare Becca for a go-kart race. In order to join the race, Becca rebuilds Pedro's bed into a go-kart.

Becca's Bunch: Building a go-kart
XAdventure Is Calling

Check out some of Becca, Russell, Sylvia, and Pedro's adventures in Wagtail Woods

Adventure Is Calling

Becca's Bunch