XLever Power

When Zeg's tail gets stuck under a big rock, Blaze and AJ create a lever to lift the heavy load and free him.

Blaze: Lever Power
XMeet Blaze

You want speed? He's got it! You want power? Blaze is unstoppable! He's the machine that's leading the pack.

Blaze: Meet Blaze
XMeet Darington

The king of tricks! The master of stunts! When it comes to racing, no one flies higher than Darrington!

Blaze: Meet Darington
XMeet Zeg

He smashes, he bashes--no one’s making his move quite like this part monster machine, part triceratops, Zeg.

Blaze: Meet Zeg
XBlazing Challenges: Trajectory

Blaze, AJ, and Darington teach a lesson about trajectory as they try to jump over the most trucks in history!

Blaze: Blazing Challenges: Trajectory
XCatch the Pigs

Oh, Hogwash! Starla's swines have gotten loose, and she's gonna need help rounding 'em up!

Blaze: Catch the Pigs
XBlazing Challeges: Acceleration

Get an exciting lesson on acceleration as Blaze and AJ try to outrun the Bighorns!

Blaze: Blazing Challeges: Acceleration
XBlazing Challenges: Temperature

Blaze and AJ teach a lesson about temperature by using Blaze's hose to cool down the boiling hot lava.

Blaze: Blazing Challenges: Temperature
XBlazing Challenges: Potential Energy

Learn about potential energy with Blaze and AJ as they use Blaze's catapult to stop the robo-knights.

Blaze: Blazing Challenges: Potential Energy
XMeet Starla

Starla's a hoot'n, holler'n, cowgirl truck with some serious horsepower! Watch her rope and ride!

Blaze: Meet Starla
XBalancing Act

Will Blaze and Stripes be able to keep the jungle swings balanced while crossing the swamp?

Blaze: Balancing Act
XNick Jr. Baking: Blaze and the Monster Machines

Blaze and the Monster Machines are the best assistant pastry chefs! Watch Blaze, Starla, Zeg, Stripes, and Darington bake a cake in the Nick Jr. kitchen!

Nick Jr. Baking: Blaze and the Monster Machines

Blaze & the Monster Machines