XHealthy Food Art: Blaze

Blaze looks good enough to eat in this healthy food art!

XBlaze: Theme Song Mash-up

Check out all the different languages in the Blaze and the Monster Machines Theme Song Mashup! Can you perfect the languages and sing along?

XBlaze Candy Art

Blaze looks good enough to eat in this pixel art made entirely out of candy!

XBlaze Crafty Creatures

Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machines comes to life with simple items found at home and a bit of imagination!


He's all action, all the time! Check out Blaze's coolest transformations yet!

XSpy It Up

Cool gadgets and super skills? Check. Nick Jr.'s spies are ready for action!

XDownhill Slide

Count along with Blaze, AJ, and Zeg to help them determine the size of their speeding sled!

XAmazing Blazing Stunts

Hold onto your helmets, and prepare to be amazed by these mind blowing stunts!

XA Checkup for Blaze

Oh no! Something's wrong with Blaze, and it looks like only Gabby might know what to do to help!

XBaker Bots

Clive the Baker reveals the secret behind all his delicious desserts to the Monster Machines!

XJump Stripes

Gaskets! Stripes needs help counting in order to make the leap across a bog of bubbling, green goo!

XFrozen Darington

The race is on to get Darington free from a block of ice! Can the Monster Machines take the heat?

Blaze & the Monster Machines