XGator Lagoon

Join Blaze, AJ, Gabby, and Pegwheel as they use a cannon to launch themselves in the air across gator lagoon!

Blaze: Gator Lagoon
XSlingshot Propulsion

When Blaze is engine-less, there's only one thing that can help him get around: propulsion!

Blaze: Slingshot Propulsion
XFixing the Ramp

When Blaze, Gabby, and AJ go to jump an old ramp, it falls apart! Watch them put it back together and jump!

Blaze: Fixing the Ramp
XOne Wild Ride

Blaze, Gabby, and AJ must find a way to stop the Ferris wheel when it breaks loose and rolls towards them!

Blaze: One Wild Ride
XDIY Blaze with Clay

DIY Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machines with clay

DIY Blaze with Clay
XMeet Roarian

Sing along with Blaze and AJ as they meet a magical flying lion named Roarian!

Blaze: Meet Roarian
XBlazing to the Rescue

When Crusher and Pickle build a tower, they get stuck on top and Blaze must save them!

Blaze: Blazing to the Rescue
XThe Big Loop-De-Loop

Watch Crusher and Pickle conquer the big loopdy loop while AJ and Blaze cheer them on!

Blaze: The Big Loop-De-Loop
XTow Truck Power

Tow Truck Blaze to the rescue! When Pickle gets stuck, it's up to Blaze and his tow truck power to help.

Blaze: Tow Truck Power
XRacing Together

Blaze and Crusher get to race togther for the very first time as teammates!

Blaze: Racing Together
XSpeedboat Blaze

When Axle City gets flooded, Blaze, Gabby, and AJ must save the day!

Blaze: Speedboat Blaze
XLearning About Snowflakes

Learn all about snowflakes with Blaze, AJ, Starla, Stripes, Zeg, and Gabby as the snow begins to fall!

Blaze: Learning About Snowflakes

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