Zeg's ticket to ride the Dinocoaster blows away, it’s up to Blaze to help his buddy track it down!

Blaze and the Monster Machines: 'Dinocoaster'
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XDIY Cookie Art: Blaze and the Monster Machines

Make Blaze, AJ, and more from Blaze & The Monster Machines into cookie art!

DIY Cookie Art: Blaze and the Monster Machines
XBlaze's Bright Lights

Blaze and AJ need to shine their speed lights to scare away the night chickens!

Blaze: Blaze's Bright Lights
XFive Alarm Blaze

There's a fire on the bridge, and the Fire Chief and his team need Firefighting Blaze to help before time runs out!

Blaze and the Monster Machines: 'Five Alarm Blaze'
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What makes two different things stick together? You know the reason! It's all about Adhesion!

Blaze: Adhesion

Blaze and Darrington are putting the pedal to the metal and going faster with acceleration!

Blaze: Acceleration
XBalancing the Bridge

Help AJ and Blaze balance the bridge so it doesn't tip over while Gasquatch is on it!

Blaze: Balancing the Bridge
XTroublesome Tires

Uh oh! Zeg's bouncing tires won't stop bouncing, and he's headed straight for a cake! Somebody stop him!

Blaze: Troublesome Tires
XGone Bananas

Blaze needs to get up the hill, but Crusher's banana launcher is making the climb a little tricky!

Blaze: Gone Bananas
XNice Snowin' Ya!

When Crusher slows them down by throwing a snowball at them, Blaze and AJ use blazing speed to catch up!

Blaze: Nice Snowin' Ya!
XZeg Snowballs Away

Blaze has to race down a snowy hill to catch a rolling Zeg!

Blaze: Zeg Snowballs Away
XStripes' Tangle Trouble

Stripes gets tangled up high in a vine! Blaze and AJ use ramps to jump to the rescue.

Blaze: Stripes' Tangle Trouble

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