XThe Royal Race

Blaze uses potential energy to unlock the drawbridge and continue on a royal quest.

Blaze: The Royal Race
XChomp It

It’s chomping time! Help Blaze design powerful tyrannosaurus jaws so he can chomp through the rocks.

Blaze: Chomp It
XZeg Snowballs Away

Blaze has to race down a snowy hill to catch a rolling Zeg!

Blaze: Zeg Snowballs Away
XStripes' Tangle Trouble

Stripes gets tangled up high in a vine! Blaze and AJ use ramps to jump to the rescue.

Blaze: Stripes' Tangle Trouble
XA Prize for Pickle

The monster machines are at a carnival when Pickle wins the alien game on his first try!

Blaze: A Prize for Pickle
XSpring into Action

Blaze and AJ use springs to bounce over the giant piles of garbage!

Blaze: Spring into Action
XGeyser Blast

Play a game of geyser blast with Blaze, AJ, Zeg, and his dinosaur friends, the ankylosauruses!

Blaze: Geyser Blast
X1,2,3 Color! Blaze, Darington, and Crusher

Blaze and the Monster Machines come to life in 1,2,3 Color! Blaze, Darington, and Crusher.

1,2,3 Color! Blaze, Darington, and Crusher
XFalling Icicles

Help Blaze, AJ, and Gabby climb up the frozen waterfall while dodging falling icicles along the way.

Blaze: Falling Icicles
XLaser Bugs

AJ must defeat a swarm of laser bugs in order to save Blaze in time for the Dragon Island Duel!

Blaze: Laser Bugs
XMoooving Down the River

Blaze, AJ, and Starla ride down the currents of a river to catch up with a raft full of cows!

Blaze: Moooving Down the River
XRide the Air Currents

Help Blaze look for warm air currents that can lift his hang glider up over the mountain.

Blaze: Ride the Air Currents

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