XBlast Off

Blast off into space in this Nick Jr. collection of space games!

Nick Jr. Blast Off
XBoat Trouble

Molly, Gil, and Goby must explore the island and find parts to build a new boat!

Bubble Guppies: Boat Trouble
XField Trip!

The Bubble Guppies are on their way to the amusement park! What will they do when their car runs out of gas?

Bubble Guppies: Field Trip!
XWheels Go Round

The wheels go round, through the city, through the town. It's time to take a ride with the Bubble Guppies!

Bubble Guppies: Wheels Go Round
XHalloween Sticker Fun

Create your own Halloween stickerbook with your favorite Nick Jr. characters.

Nick Jr: Halloween Sticker Fun
XPuppy Love

The Guppies are showing their love for Bubble Puppy with a song!

Bubble Guppies: Puppy Love
XGoby's Oyster Bunny

Goby uses his imagination to create a new kind of baby animal, called the oyster bunny!

Bubble Guppies: Goby's Oyster Bunny
XPolar Bear Beach

Goby and Oona are on the hunt for a place to surf, but a polar bear is hot on their tails!

Bubble Guppies: Polar Bear Beach
XA-mazing Bubble Puppy

It's an amazing game of hide-and-go-seek with Bubble Puppy!

Bubble Guppies: A-mazing Bubble Puppy
XPuppy Dance

Dance, bark and meow with Gil and Deema!

Get a Move on: Bubble Guppies Puppy Dance
XOona's Favorite Arctic Animal

Help Deema guess what Oona's favorite Arctic animal is!

Bubble Guppies: Oona's Favorite Arctic Animal
XA Photogenic Platypus

Deema and Oona are in Australia! Help them find a Platypus for Oona to photograph!

Bubble Guppies: A Photogenic Platypus

Bubble Guppies