XSpace School

In space school, Molly and Gil show the Space Robot how to clean up after free play!

Bubble Guppies: Space School
XWonderful World of Wigs

Get ready to wig out and help Deema pick out the most fabulous wig for Mr. Grouper!

Bubble Guppies: Deema's Wonderful World of Wigs
XAt the Salon

There are so many ways to wear your hair! Try all the different styles with the Bubble Guppies.

Bubble Guppies: At the Salon
XSecret Agent Gil

Secret Agent Gil dives deep into the pages of his books on a mission to find his lost library card.

Bubble Guppies: Secret Agent Gil
XCheck it Out at the Library

If you're looking for adventure, look no further than the library! Check it out, and read about something new!

Bubble Guppies: Check it Out at the Library
XChoo Choo Train

Sing, dance, and chug like a choo choo train with the Bubble Guppies!

BG: Choo Choo Train
XTake Me Away on a Train

All aboard! Hop on the train and meet the Bubble Guppies at the station.

Bubble Guppies: Take Me Away on a Train
XThe Nile Crocodile

Molly and Goby are on a swim-sational vacation in ancient Egypt when a Nile crocodile sends them running!

Bubble Guppies: Nile Crocodile
X99 Bug Balloons

Nonny bugs out over insect balloons at Deema's shop.

Bubble Guppies: 99 Bug Balloons
XBuggin' Out

The Bubble Guppies are buggin' out and singing about all of their favorite kinds of bugs!

Bubble Guppies: Buggin' Out

Vanishing coins and bunnies in top hats! It's time for a fin-tastic magic show!

Bubble Guppies: Abracadabra!
X1,2,3 Color! Bubble Guppies

The Bubble Guppies come to life in 1,2,3 Color! Bubble Guppies.

1,2,3 Color! Bubble Guppies

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