XViolin Practice

Emma and Dora teach Màximo how to play the violin to get Emma's instrument back in time for her performance!

XDown the River

Dora, Kate, and Pablo make a dash downriver on a dolphin with the help of Dora's magic charm bracelet!

XNaiya Saves the Day

Naiya uses her gymnastic skills to avoid booby traps when crossing a bridge in the ancient ruins.

XGardens Are For You and Me

Sing along with Naiya, Kate, Dora, and Pablo as they explain why the garden is important for the whole community!

XThe Garden Gnomes

After trolls dug holes and trampled the flowers, the garden gnomes need help saving their beautiful garden!

XCatch That Coconut

Pablo wants a coconut birthday cake and it's up to Dora, Kate, and him to catch the only coconut for sale!

XBooking It Down the River

When Kate's book falls in the river, Dora and Pablo help her paddle a canoe to grab it before it floats away!

XWinter Wonderland

Sing along with Dora, Naiya, Pablo, and Shivers the Snowman in a picture perfect winter wonderland.

XSearching for Socks

When Pablo needs silly socks for the sock party, he goes to the costume shop to find a pair to wear!

XCome Back, Quackers!

Dora and Kate embark on a wild goose chase through the woods for Kate's pet. Make that a wild DUCK chase!

XMama Música

Dora, Emma, and Pablo find Mama Música so she can fix Dora's guitar and the rest of the broken instruments.

XWelcome to Music Land

Dora, Emma, and Pablo sing and dance in Music Land, where nature comes to life to make music!

Dora & Friends: Into the City