XPuppy Pyramid Run

Dora and her friends guide the runaway puppy through the pyramid to avoid the booby traps!

Dora and Friends: Puppy Pyramid Run
XGalloping Away

Dora, Naiya, and Marko ride the magic horses to escape from the horse bandits!

DAF: Galloping Away
XI Love Gold

La Sirena Mala sings about her love of gold to Dora and Mariana. She sure loves gold!

Dora and Friends: I Love Gold
XPablo's Kick

Pablo's been practicing a special soccer kick! Will it come in handy with finding Mono the stuffed monkey?

Dora and Friends: Pablo's Kick
XGet That Magic Hat!

Now you see it, now you don't! A magician stole Dora's magic hat. Will Dora and Pablo get it back?

Dora and Friends: Get That Magic Hat!
XWorking Together

Sing along as Dora and Pablo learn how to work together to win the race!

Dora and Friends: Working Together
XHigh Flying Friends

Take to the sky with your Nick Jr. friends in this Silly Short!

High Flying Friends
XWho Lives Here?

Box has a terrible sense of direction! Can Dora & Alana help find where the Princess lives?

Dora and Friends: Find the Princess Song
XHola, Hola, Hola!

Hola means "Hello!" in Spanish. Sing along with Dora and say "Hola" to all of her friends!

Dora and Friends: Hola Hola Hola Song
XLet's Make a Pirate Ship!

Sing along and help Dora and her friends make a pirate ship!

Dora and Friends: Into the City: Make a Pirate Ship Song
XCome On & Dance!

There are so many ways to move to the rhythm. Let's dance! Vamos a bailar!

Dora and Friends: How to Dance Song
XBe a Pirate!

Dora sings "Be a pirate." And you sing, "Yo Ho Ho!"

Dora and Friends: into the City: Be a Pirate!

Dora & Friends: Into the City