XThe Royal Ball

Dora and Alana take an eager but nervous talking box to the princess to find dresses for the Royal Ball.

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XThe Giant Puppet

A giant is coming towards the castle and Dora and her friends use a giant puppet to keep him away!

XChef Alana

Dora and Kate prepare for the TV fundraiser by helping Alana make her frozen yogurt sandwiches.

XReturn to the Rainforest First Look

Dora and her friends travel to the rainforest with Boots to find Backpack and Map!

XViolin Practice

Emma and Dora teach Màximo how to play the violin to get Emma's instrument back in time for her performance!

XDown the River

Dora, Kate, and Pablo make a dash downriver on a dolphin with the help of Dora's magic charm bracelet!

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