XHola, Hola, Hola!

Hola means "Hello!" in Spanish. Sing along with Dora and say "Hola" to all of her friends!

XLet's Make a Pirate Ship!

Sing along and help Dora and her friends make a pirate ship!

XCome On & Dance!

There are so many ways to move to the rhythm. Let's dance! Vamos a bailar!

XBe a Pirate!

Dora sings "Be a pirate." And you sing, "Yo Ho Ho!"

XJack and the Beanstalk

Dora and the little piggy puppets get help from Jack and his magic beans.

XFriends Help Friends

Dora and Kate sing while they help their friends in Puppet World.

XDora's Dress Up Song

Sing along as Dora and Alana find for the perfect dresses for the royal ball.

XDiscover with Dora and Friends

Dora and her friends are discovering new adventures in the city. ¬°Todos juntos!

XGet to Know Kate

Which one of Dora's friends has a passion for putting on plays? It's Kate!

XGet to Know Alana

Who is Dora's super-sporty friend? It's Alana!

XDora's New Friend Naiya

Solve puzzles and study the stars with one of Dora's newest friends!

XMeet Pablo

Find out more about Dora's playful pal.

Dora & Friends: Into the City Videos