XChicken Feet

Big Red Chicken has his foot stuck in paint! Can Dora and Boots help him so he can finish his picture?

Dora the Explorer: Chicken Feet
XA Royal Invitation

Dora and Boots rescue Mariposa the Butterfly from the dangerous bushes! In return she invites them to attend the Butterfly Ball! You're invited too!

Dora the Explorer: Butterfly Ball
XBenny the Castaway

Dora and Boots are preparing for their picnic when they receive a message in a bottle from Benny. He's stranded on an island where it rains coconuts! It's up to Dora, Boots and you to save him.

Dora the Explorer: Benny the Castaway
XSwiper's Promise

Swiper promises not to swipe anybody else's things if Dora and Boots will help him find his favorite items.

DTE: Swiper's Promise
XFlower Bouncing

Dora, Boots, and Isa the Iguana must get through the flowery garden by bouncing on the bouncy flowers!

Dora the Explorer: Flower Bouncing
XDora's Shipshape Sailboat

Ready to sail away with Dora and the kitties? Great! First, help Dora find the right sail.

Count It Up (Clean): Dora Triangle Sailboat
XSheep Farm

Dora and Boots ask Benny the Bull for help herding sheep so they can pass through the sheep farm.

DTE: Sheep Farm
XDora the Knight

Join Dora and Boots on their quest to become knights and save a princess in need of help!

DTE: Dora the Knight
XOrange Magic

Dora, Boots, Diego, and Unicornio need to help Owl and Rabbit figure out how to share their oranges fairly!

DTE: Orange Magic
XMusic Class

Help Dora and her friends sing a song to find different colored instruments in music class.

DTE: Music Class
XBoots' Yellow Bike

Help Dora and Boots pick out Boots' new bike. It's yellow, has two wheels, and a red horn!

DTE: Boots' Yellow Bike
XStomp Your Feet

Dora, Boots, and Unicornio discover they can help others using Unicornio's magic if they stomp their feet!

DTE: Stomp Your Feet

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