XSheep Farm

Dora and Boots ask Benny the Bull for help herding sheep so they can pass through the sheep farm.

DTE: Sheep Farm
XDora the Knight

Join Dora and Boots on their quest to become knights and save a princess in need of help!

DTE: Dora the Knight
XOrange Magic

Dora, Boots, Diego, and Unicornio need to help Owl and Rabbit figure out how to share their oranges fairly!

DTE: Orange Magic
XMusic Class

Help Dora and her friends sing a song to find different colored instruments in music class.

DTE: Music Class
XBoots' Yellow Bike

Help Dora and Boots pick out Boots' new bike. It's yellow, has two wheels, and a red horn!

DTE: Boots' Yellow Bike
XStomp Your Feet

Dora, Boots, and Unicornio discover they can help others using Unicornio's magic if they stomp their feet!

DTE: Stomp Your Feet
XTroll Land

Join Dora and Boots as they explore Troll Land in search of a troll that's in trouble!

DTE: Troll Land
XAnimal Hoedown

Join Dora, Boots, and Benny as they dance at the animal hoedown with all their furry friends!

DTE: Animal Hoedown

With their Dora snacks, flashlight, and binoculars packed, Dora and Boots are off to a camping trip with Diego and Baby Jaguar!

XMagic Mirrors

Help Dora and the Big Red Chicken complete the puzzles to get past the magic mirrors!

DTE: Magic Mirrors
XTrick or Treat

Dora, Boots, and Little Monster must say trick-or-treat to collect a piece of fruit from each tree!

DTE: Trick or Treat
XLots of Hugs

Dora and Boots meet a baby space creature named Winky! When Winky falls asleep, they must hug him to wake him up.

DTE: Lots of Hugs

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