XNick Jr. Sings: Elephants

Even though they are big and strong, elephants are really friendly animals! Learn all about elephants in this exciting and fun Nick Jr. Sings video.

XFlamingo Rescue

Diego is headed to Flamingo Lake when he hears a flamingo in trouble! Will he be able to rescue the bird?

XHungry Camel Hump

The camels' river is drying up, and they're thirsty! Will Diego be able to help the camels find water?

XBetty's Dance Contest

Diego and the spider help Betty get through the spider's web so she can get to her dance competition.

XNick Jr. Sings: Dinosaurs

Enter the prehistoric world and learn all about dinosaurs! Dance and sing along with Diego, Dora, Team Umizoomi and Bubble Guppies in this exciting and fun Nick Jr. Sings video.


Baby Jaguar becomes the best of friends with a little duckling in this video about friendship.

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