XPenguin on Ice

When a penguin starts floating away on an iceberg, Diego must use his rope to pull the iceberg back in!

Diego: Penguin on Ice
XThe Red Tummy

Help Diego find the scarlet macaw! Can you help him find which bird has a red tummy?

Diego: The Red Tummy
XBaby Jaguar's Jump

As a nest full of baby birds falls from a tree, Baby Jaguar makes a leaping rescue.

Diego: Baby Jaguar's Jump
XDiego Seas a Turtle

Swim in the sea with Diego and Tuga, the sea turtle! They must swim fast so the sharks don't catch up to them!

Diego: Diego Seas a Turtle
XA Bear-y Fast Swimmer

Help Susie, the seal, with Diego! She needs to choose the right path to avoid a polar bear!

Diego: A Bear-y Fast Swimmer
XSlow is the Way to Go

Tiptoe really slowly with Diego and the sloth! They need to sneak past the harpy eagles without them noticing!

Diego: Slow is the Way to Go
XBye Bye Jay Bird

Diego helps the blue morpho butterfly confuse the jay bird by flapping his colorful wings.

Diego: Bye Bye Jay Bird
XThe Jumping Camel

When Diego and his camel friend bump into a few rocks, they need to jump over them!

Diego: The Jumping Camel
XSaving Chinta

Diego needs to get down the waterfall to save the baby chinchilla, Chinta. He needs to hurry!

Diego: Saving Chinta
XClimb Like a Frog

Climb like a frog with Diego! He needs to climb up the pyramid by using suction cup sticky gloves!

Diego: Climb Like a Frog
XDiego Dives Deep

Jaques Cousteau could never get this low! Dive to the bottom of the ocean with Diego!

Go, Diego, Go: Diego Dives Deep
XMonkey Business

Help Diego stop the monkeys from rolling the log so he can walk over it and cross the muddy mud pit safely!

Diego: Monkey Business

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