XHibernating Iguanas

The iguanas are getting ready to hibernate for winter, but first they must sing their special lullaby.

XFish School

Help choose a clear path for Diego, Alicia, and a friendly shark so they don't run into any schools of fish!

XSymbiotic Friends

Hippo and Oxpecker are best buddies who help each other out everyday! Watch them sing and dance in this video.

XAnimal Rescuers

Dora joins Diego for an exciting animal rescue mission! Let's sing along and help them on their adventure.

XLearn to Waddle

Rock from side to side and help Diego to teach Macky the Macaroni Penguin about how to waddle!

XThe Giant Octopus

The Giant Octopus can do a super trick. Watch him change colors really quick! Help Diego find him!

XAnimal Tracks

Diego needs you to join the rescue team and help him identify the wolf tracks to save a lost wolf pup.

XValentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and all of the Rainforest animals are trading valentines, but what about Sammy the Sloth?

XPenguin Search

Use your explorer skills and board a submarine to help Diego and Pepito find his school of penguins.

XSloths and Bobos

Diego needs to get across the lake to save the sloths, but he better watch out for the Bobo brothers!

XBandage the Birdie

Squawk! Squawk! A mommy macaw is in trouble! Only Diego knows what to do to help her. Go, Diego, Go!

XTurtle Tales

Learn all about Tuga the sea turtle's storied past as she recounts it to Diego and his family.

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