Baby Jaguar becomes the best of friends with a little duckling in this video about friendship.

Go, Diego, Go: Friends
XTwin Gorillas

Diego follows the gorilla footprints and is seeing double when he finds twin baby gorillas!

Diego: Twin Gorillas
XThe Hidden Tunnel

Diego, Dora, and Lonely Louie need help to travel through the hidden tunnel!

Diego: The Hidden Tunnel
XThe Baby Monarch

Come join in to sing along and help the Baby Monarch fly-- by being a butterfly with Diego and Dora!

Go, Diego, Go: The Baby Monarch
XSounds Like The Rainforest

Diego and Alicia have a concert in the rainforest and make music with all of the animals!

Diego: Sounds Like The Rainforest
XThe Drum Flowers

Let's make music with Diego and Kicho by helping them find a drum so they can get past the drum flowers.

Go, Diego, Go: The Drum Flowers
XMusical Magic

Join Diego as he watches his friend, Kicho, play his magical flute for the mountain animals.

Go, Diego, Go: Musical Magic
XPlayground Test

Join Diego as he swings and jumps to test out the new Animal Rescuer Playground.

Go, Diego, Go: Playground Test
XIguana Rescue

Iggy the Iguana is missing! He can't move in the cold, so Diego races against the setting sun to find him.

Go, Diego, Go: Iguana Rescue
XHibernating Iguanas

The iguanas are getting ready to hibernate for winter, but first they must sing their special lullaby.

Go, Diego, Go: Hibernating Iguanas
XFish School

Help choose a clear path for Diego, Alicia, and a friendly shark so they don't run into any schools of fish!

Go, Diego, Go: Fish School
XSymbiotic Friends

Hippo and Oxpecker are best buddies who help each other out everyday! Watch them sing and dance in this video.

Diego: Symbiotic Friends

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