XKiva's Dance Party

Check out Kiva and her friends showing off all of their moves in this video.

Kiva's Dance Party
XLet's Get Building!

Kiva and Saul can create anything from just a few items. Check out their newest creations!

Let's Get Building!
XThe Adventures of Kiva

Check out some of the epic adventures Kiva and Saul go on in this video.

The Adventures of Kiva
XThe Best of Kiva and Friends!

Check out the best moments of Kiva and friends from the newest Nick Jr show Kiva Can Do!

The Best of Kiva and Friends!
XBaby Angus Dinosaur

Because Kiva and Saul grabbed her dinosaur egg, the mother dinosaur now thinks Angus is her baby dinosaur!

Baby Angus Dinosaur
XRounding Up Sheep

Like real cowboys, Kiva and Saul are rounding up sheep on their own made vehicle: the Giddy Up 3000!

Rounding up Sheep

Kiva Can Do