XUntie the hot air balloon!

Kiva and Sauls hot-air-balloon is tied down. Angus helps Kiva and Saul to continue their journey to retrieve Saul's balloon.

Kiva Can Do: Untie the hot air balloon!
XKiva's Dance Party

Check out Kiva and her friends showing off all of their moves in this video.

Kiva's Dance Party
XThe unbreakable umbrella

With the unbreakable umbrella, Kiva, Angus and Saul can fly and check out the rainbow!

Kiva Can Do: The unbreakable umbrella
XThe Best of Kiva and Friends!

Check out the best moments of Kiva and friends from the newest Nick Jr show Kiva Can Do!

The Best of Kiva and Friends!
XDiscovery of the black hole

Nanni's glasses were sucked into a black hole in space. Kiva and Saul found the black hole to retrieve Nanni's glasses.

Kiva Can Do: Discovery of the black hole
XLet's go for a jump!

Kiva and Saul are on an adventure inside Nanni's clock. To make it to the other side of the clock, they need to make a perfectly timed jump.

Kiva Can Do: Let's go for a jump!
XEscaping the sand storm!

Kiva and Saul are caught in a desert sand storm with their magic carpet. They will have to find a way to fly out of the storm.

Kiva Can Do: Escaping the sand storm!
XKiva Can Do Theme Song

Enjoy the jolly theme tune from the series Kiva Can Do! and get a glimpse of her adventures!

Kiva Can Do Theme Song
XLet's Get Building!

Kiva and Saul can create anything from just a few items. Check out their newest creations!

Let's Get Building!
XTo the top of the mountain!

Kiva and Saul create a ski-lift to reach the top of the mountain in order to retrieve Saul's Balloon.

Kiva Can Do: To the top of the mountain!
XBubble Boarding

A flower pot bumps off the mountain and gets stuck in a tree. Kiva and Saul rebuild their jetpacks to grab the pot out of the tree.

Kiva Can Do: Bubble Boarding
XBaby Angus Dinosaur

Because Kiva and Saul grabbed her dinosaur egg, the mother dinosaur now thinks Angus is her baby dinosaur!

Baby Angus Dinosaur

Kiva Can Do