XSummer Snow

Hazel's latest spell idea is sure to cool down the charmers-in-training on this sizzling summer day.

XBad Hair Day

Hazel, Posie, and Lavender style up their hair for the Gnome Garden party, but Hazel has a hair-tastrophe!

XDon't Wake the Giant

Hazel, Lavender, and Posie need a Giant's toenail for a special potion. Can they get it without waking him?

XWild Broom

Hazel, Posie, and Lavender repair the Zip Zoom Broom! But can they tame the wild broom?

XCatch a Falling Star

Hazel catches a wishing star! What wonderful wishes will she make?

XCharmazing Chatterbox

Hazel, Lavender, and Posie have fun teaching their new chatterbox toy some sparktastic words.

XInvisible Smiles

Snapdragons! Hazel accidentally made herself invisible, and she’s supposed to walk in the fashion show soon!

XStuck Together

Hazel, Posie and Lavendar must work together to clean Hazel's room. The problem is, they're stuck together!

XThe Enchanted Dress

Picture Day is tomorrow and Hazel must unlock the magic in her enchanted dress to make it spark-tastic.

XCaterpillar Chaos

The Charmers chase down a mess making caterpillar through Charmville!

XA Froggy Prince

The Charmers use a magical kissing spell to bring their own hippity hoppity prince to life!

XCharming Pet Show

The Charmers enlist Seven, Treble, and Flare to practice performing a charmtastic show for a tea party!

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