XThe Chocolate Chicken

Ruby wins the annual Easter egg hunt, so Max decides to make an escape and take off with the prize.

Max and Ruby: The Chocolate Chicken
XFollow That Bunny!

Follow that bunny! When Max takes off in his shiny red car, Ruby must follow the clues to find him.

Max and Ruby: Follow That Bunny!
XMax's Tow Truck

Max uses his Pedal Power Sports Car, a few toy trucks, and his jump rope to build a tow truck!

Max & Ruby: Max's Tow Truck

Max is "it" during a big game of freeze tag. Will he be able to catch all the other bunnies?

Max and Ruby: Freeze!
XPainting Max

Max has to stand very still while Ruby and Louise paint him for the art exhibit.

Max and Ruby: Painting Max
XParty Outfits

When Ruby invites Max to a Bunny Scout Party, Max needs to figure out what to wear.

Max and Ruby: Party Outfits
XApple Picking

See what happens when Max needs Ruby and Louise to help him pick apples from a tree on a nice autumn day!

Max and Ruby: Apple Picking
XSnow Queen Surprise

When Ruby asks Max to help her build a snow queen, he agrees, and gives her a royal robot surprise!

Max & Ruby: Snow Queen Surprise
XFroggy Friend

Max picks up a new croaking friend from the creek. What sort of mischief will they get into?

Max and Ruby: Froggy Friend
XBad Egg

Max likes breakfast egg-cept for what Ruby's cooking! He'd much rather have strawberries than eggs!

Max & Ruby: Bad Egg
XRoyal Garden Tea Party

Can Ruby teach Max to use his royal garden tea party manners?

Max and Ruby: Royal Garden Tea Party
XNo Eggs Please

Max has no interest in eggs for breakfast. He would much prefer strawberries! How can he get his way?

Max and Ruby: No Eggs Please