XRuby's Pumpkin

Ruby wants to find the perfect pumpkin, but Max is too busy looking for candy in Mr. Piazza's store.

Max and Ruby: Ruby's Pumpkin
XS'more Painting

When Max gets mud on Ruby and Louise's banner, they make it look like they painted it on purpose!

Max and Ruby: S'more Painting
XA Blast of a Party

While Ruby and Louise get prepared for a party, Max and his rocket blast off into mischief.

Max and Ruby: A Blast of a Party
XThe Puppeteers

Ruby and Louise put on a puppet show for Max, but he becomes more than just the audience member!

Max and Ruby: The Puppeteers
XSnow Bunny

Max pulls out his binoculars to embark on an abominable snow bunny search in the backyard!

Max and Ruby: Snow Bunny
XRuby's Surprise Party

Ruby can't wait for her surprise party, but Max keeps stealing her birthday tiara! Watch to see what happens!

Max & Ruby: Ruby's Surprise Party

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