XMax's Halloween/Ruby's Leaf Collection/The Blue Tarantula

Max wants to be something scary for halloween, but Ruby would rather have him a prince to go with her costume. // Ruby starts a collection of leaves. // Max wants Ruby to read him a scary story, but later is up all night in fear of the blue tarantula. 

Max's Halloween/Ruby's Leaf Collection/The Blue Tarantula
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XRain, Rain Go Away

Watch Max and Ruby sing along to this classic rainy day song while they wish for sunnier days and blue skies!

Max and Ruby: Rain, Rain Go Away
XShake and Rake

Max helps Ruby rake leaves and when they finally finish, they get to jump in the pile!

Max and Ruby: Shake and Rake
XTable Talk

Ruby teaches Max how to properly set the table.

Max and Ruby: Table Talk
XItsy Bitsy Spider

Before they can leave to go trick-or-treating, Max has to find his toy spider and Ruby sings a song about it!

Max and Ruby: Itsy Bitsy Spider
XThe Photo Booth

Ruby wants to take a nice picture for Grandma, but Max keeps making silly faces!

Max and Ruby: The Photo Booth
XBunny Spa

How divine! Ruby and Louise are ready to relax at Ruby's luxurious bunny spa--but not if Max can help it!

Max and Ruby: Bunny Spa
XRuby's Big Catch

When Max’s football goes way out of bounds, Ruby makes an amazing catch to save her leaf collage!

Max and Ruby: Ruby's Big Catch
XSynchronized Swimming

Ruby and her friends practice their synchronized swimming skills, but Max keeps on interrupting them!

Max & Ruby: Synchronized Swimming
XCounting Gummy Worms

Ruby is trying to count all the gummy worms in the candy jar, but Max keeps distracting her!

Max & Ruby: Counting Gummy Worms
XDuck Hunt

Ruby needs to take photos for five different kinds of birds in order to get her winter bird tracking badge.

Max and Ruby: Duck Hunt
XThe Glass Slipper

It's not a Cinderella story without a glass slipper! But whose foot will fit?

Max and Ruby: The Glass Slipper

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