XA Skate Date

Max, Ruby, and Louise put their skills to the test on the ice skating rink on a cold winter's day!

Max and Ruby: A Skate Date
XMax's String

Max has a string tied to his finger to remind himself to remember something! Ruby can't figure out what!

Max and Ruby: Max's String
XMax's New Friend

When Max meets his shadow, he can't get enough of him. Now they're the best of friends! They're inseperable!

Max and Ruby: Max's New Friend
XPajama Party

Ruby and her friends host a fashion show and give one another makeovers at their pajama party!

Max and Ruby: Pajama Party
XRuby's Baton

When Ruby’s baton gets stuck on the roof, Max uses his Rabbit Racer to help get it down!

Max and Ruby: Ruby's Baton
XFun in the Sun

When a bunny can't go to the beach, she'll have to bring the beach to her. Ruby is having a beach party!

Max and Ruby: Fun in the Sun
XThe Chocolate Chicken

Ruby wins the annual Easter egg hunt, so Max decides to make an escape and take off with the prize.

Max and Ruby: The Chocolate Chicken
XFollow That Bunny!

Follow that bunny! When Max takes off in his shiny red car, Ruby must follow the clues to find him.

Max and Ruby: Follow That Bunny!
XMax's Tow Truck

Max uses his Pedal Power Sports Car, a few toy trucks, and his jump rope to build a tow truck!

Max & Ruby: Max's Tow Truck

Max is "it" during a big game of freeze tag. Will he be able to catch all the other bunnies?

Max and Ruby: Freeze!
XPainting Max

Max has to stand very still while Ruby and Louise paint him for the art exhibit.

Max and Ruby: Painting Max
XParty Outfits

When Ruby invites Max to a Bunny Scout Party, Max needs to figure out what to wear.

Max and Ruby: Party Outfits

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