XNick Jr. Sing Along: Nella Manners Song

Sing along with Nella and her friends as they give Smelgly, the dragon, some advice on having good manners!

Nick Jr. Sing Along: Nella Manners Song
XRunaway Friendship Float

After Trinket's big sneeze makes it go flying, Nella has to stop the friendship float before it gets away!

Nella: Runaway Friendship Float
XSparkle Best Buddies

Trinket, Clod, Nella, and Garrett must work together to catch the royal carriage and bring it to safety.

Nella: Sparkle Best Buddies
XHow To Clay: Nella the Princess Knight

It's clay time! Check out how to clay this crafty Nella the Princess Knight!

How To Clay: Nella the Princess Knight
XAll of My Favorite Things Sandwich

Join Garret and Claude's picnic to help create Castlehaven's yummiest treat, the All Of My Favorite Things sandwich!

All of My Favorite Things Sandwich
XShine and Seek

Help this bright little birdie find the perfect hiding spot in a game of shine and seek!

Shine and Seek
XWild Critter Cuteness

Sir Coach sure can't handle this wild critter's cuteness! Can you?

Wild Critter Cuteness
XThe Great Castlehaven Bake Off

Can these two competing sisters work together to win the Castlehaven Bake Off? It's down to the clock!

The Great Castlehaven Bake Off
XNorma The Princess Knight

Watch what happens when Nella lets Norma wear her heart pendant!

Norma The Princess Knight
XDragon Sighting

Princess Nella, Sir Garrett, and Sir Blaine set out to be the first knights to see a dragon's egg hatch.

Nella: Dragon Sighting
XThe Knight Brigade Dancers

Give it up for the Knight Brigade Dancers as they take the stage and attempt to put on a funny and entertaining show!

The Knight Brigade Dancers
XClod's Invitation

Nella, Sir Garrett, and Trinket help Clod look for his invitation to the Royal Cafe Breakfast Buffet.

Nella: Clod's Invitation

Nella the Princess Knight