XIt Takes Two

When Nella’s family gets stuck at the top of a bridge, Nella calls on a giant to help get them down.

Nella: It Takes Two
XNella's Christmas Song

It's that time of year! Sing along with Nella and Trinket as they celebrate their favorite season.

Nella: Nella's Christmas Song
XThe Wicked Wizard

The Wacky Wizard turns out to be the Wicked Wizard, surprising everyone in Castlehaven. Find out what happens in Nella vs. The Wicked Wizard!

The Wicked Wizard
XA Berry Good Time

When bouncy berries start bouncing everywhere, Nella comes up with a fun way to get rid of them!

Nella: A Berry Good Time
XMechanical Dragon

When Nella needs to get rid of some critter-dragons, she uses Garrett's mechanical dragon to lure them away!

Nella: Mechanical Dragon

When the snorkelmanders' beach ball goes flying, Nella steps in to save baby Norma.

Nella: Snorkelmanders
XBallet Recital

Nella and her friends are dancing in a ballet recital when an unexpected visitor interrupts the show.

Nella: Ballet Recital
XHow to be a Royal Hero

Follow these five simple steps and you can become a royally awesome hero, just like Nella!

Nella: How to be a Royal Hero
XA Different Kind of Hero

Nella the princess knight is a different kind of hero who is ready for royal adventures!

Nella: A Different Kind of Hero
XCoolest Creatures

Nella's Kingdom is filled with the coolest creatures! From polka-dotted dragons to flop-eared fleagles, get ready to make all sorts of new friends!

Coolest Creatures
XRoyally Funny Friends

When they are not out on knightly quests, Nella and her friends show off their silly sides.

Silly Short: Royally Funny Friends
XA Legendary Rescue

Embark on a mythical quest with Nella and her friends to uncover the legend of the fabled Bafflin!

Nella: A Legendary Rescue

Nella the Princess Knight