XThe Fanciest of Them All

Blaine’s fancy cousin Olivia visits and questions Nella’s ability to be both a princess and a knight.

Nella the Princess Knight: Practice Makes Progress/The Fanciest of them All
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XSir Hamsworth The Great

Listen as Sir Hamsworth the Great sings of his brave battle with a mighty dragon!

Nella: Sir Hamsworth The Great
XPixel Pictures: Nella

Watch as these pixels come together to create your favorite princess knight, Nella!

Pixel Pictures: Nella
XNew Kid in the Kingdom

A new girl moves to the kingdom – with a big secret to hide.

New Kid in the Kingdom/Big Birthday Surprise
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XSparkle Best Buddies

Trinket, Clod, Nella, and Garrett must work together to catch the royal carriage and bring it to safety.

Nella: Sparkle Best Buddies
XClod's Spooky Costume

Boo! Blaine says he's not afraid of anything, but wait until he sees Clod's Halloween costume!

Nella: Clod's Spooky Costume
XIt Takes Two

When Nella’s family gets stuck at the top of a bridge, Nella calls on a giant to help get them down.

Nella: It Takes Two
XThe Three-Headed Snooflederf

When Garrett and his friends believe they see the Three-Headed Snooflederf, Nella shows them the truth.

Nella: The Three-Headed Snooflederf
XHelping Each Other

Nella, Garrett, Trinket, and Clod set out to help a dragon with her monstrous manners.

Nella: Helping Each Other
XSaving Minatori

Minatori goes into a yucky, sticky swamp while chasing after a frog, and Nella and Olivia must rescue her!

Nella: Saving Minatori

When the snorkelmanders' beach ball goes flying, Nella steps in to save baby Norma.

Nella: Snorkelmanders
XSir Coach's Bow

When Sir Coach forgets his bow and leaves without it, Nella comes to the rescue!

Nella: Sir Coach's Bow

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