XSnowboard Competition

The pups avoid a cat-astrophe when they rescue kittens that have fallen off the snowboarding course!

PAW: Snowboard Competition
XAlex's Fire Safety Badge

Marshall helps Alex earn his fire safety action badge by helping him build a fire at their campsite.

PAW: Alex's Fire Safety Badge
XThe Creepy Cabin

Something strange is happening inside the cabin. The PAW Patrol is in for a spooky mission!

PAW: The Creepy Cabin
XMore Stay Safe

Stay Safe with Paw Patrol is back with more activities!

More Stay Safe With Paw Patrol
XHide N' Seek: Mission PAW

Grab your spy goggles! Chase, Skye, and Sweetie are sneaking around for a game of hide and seek.

Hide N' Seek: Mission PAW
XThe Dinosaur Bone

Marshall, Rubble, and Skye rescue Cap'n Turbot and the dinosaur bone he found during his archeological dig!

PAW: The Dinosaur Bone
XThe Sea Patrol Saves Rocky

Ryder calls on Marshall and Zuma to save Rocky when a kite pulls him through the sky!

Craft: The Sea Patrol Saves Rocky
XFestive Coloring

Draw and color with your favorite Nick Jr. friends!

Nick Jr. Festive Coloring
XA Penguin Rescue

Penguins are on the loose in Adventure Bay and it's up to the PAW Patrol to bring them back to safety.

PAW: A Penguin Rescue
XSea Patrol to the Rescue!

Sea Patrol is on a roll! When an octopus' tentacles take over his ship, Cap’t Turbot calls the pups for help.

PAW: Sea Patrol to the Rescue!
XA Real Cliffhanger

After Mayor Humdinger cheats in the big race, he needs the Paw Patrol to save him from a nasty fall!

PAW: A Real Cliffhanger
XPAW Patrol: Tracker's Jungle Rescue

The PAW Patrol needs Tracker's help entering an ancient temple and locating the long-lost Golden Banana. Your child can guide this jungle pup as he swings into action collecting pup-power treats on his way to the temple. Kids can then go inside by matching the animal sounds with the correct animal behind each door. Continue solving number, color, and shape challenges to open the doors until the Golden Banana is found!

Age: 3-6

PAW Patrol: Tracker's Jungle Rescue

PAW Patrol