XParade Prep

It's Adventure Bay Day and the pups are making their own floats for the big parade!

XPirate's Lair

The PAW Patrol comes across a paw-some discovery when they rescue Cap'n Turbot from a cave.

XFishy Suspects

There are seafood snatching suspects aboard Cap'n Turbot's boat, and the PAW Patrol must jump into action!

XStay Safe

Pre-schoolers can learn about safety with the Paw Patrol in this collection of mini-games.

XBatter Up

Things get messy when the pups help Mr. Porter complete his cake for the contest!

XGreat Race

It's Adventure Bay's Race Day and the pups are racing to see who's the fastest pup in town.

XTracker the Jungle Pup

The newest member of the PAW Patrol, Tracker, the jungle pup, takes his new pup pack for a swing!

XSearch Mission

Paw Patrol are on a mission to find different objects!

XTracker Candy Art

Tracker from PAW Patrol looks good enough to eat in this pixel art made entirely out of candy!

XAlex the Giant

Alex the Giant is on the loose and making it "ruff" on all of Adventure Bay!

XPipe Cleaner Friends

Fuzzy pipe cleaners come together to form your favorite Nick Jr. friends in this craft video!

XWater Rescue

Mayor Goodway, Chickaletta, and Alex are stranded on a boat, but Ryder and Zuma weather a storm to save them!