XGlad to Be Baa-ck

When the pups need to save some lambs from being stuck in a cave, Marshall's sheep costume comes in handy!

PAW: Glad to Be Baa-ck
XFishy Motivation

Everest must save a polar bear, but he's too scared to move! Ryder comes up with a fishy way to motivate him!

PAW: Fishy Motivation
XRocky's Rocket

Ryder and the pups need to fix Captain Gordy's rocket! Luckily, Rocky found just what he needs to fix it!

PAW: Rocky's Rocket
XNick Jr. Food Truck Festival!

Kids can help Shimmer and Shine, the PAW Patrol, Team Umizoomi, and the Bubble Guppies serve up tasty treats for their friends at the Nick Jr. Food Truck Festival! Cooking game.

Age: 3-6

Nick Jr. Food Truck Festival!
XNick Jr. Create: Paw Patrol Fruit Face

Chase is on the case to make this tasty fruit snack -- that looks just like him!

Nick Jr. Create: Paw Patrol Fruit Face
XRattlesnake Canyon

Ryder and the pups go to Rattlesnake Canyon in the Air Patroller to rescue Daring Danny X!

PAW: Rattlesnake Canyon
XA Stinky Situation

Ryder, Chase, and Rocky use the newest PAW Patrol tool to float a super stinky flower back to Foggy Bottom.

PAW: A Stinky Situation
XMore Stay Safe

Stay Safe with Paw Patrol is back with more activities!

More Stay Safe With Paw Patrol
XMarshall's Dragon Dream

Marshall takes a nap and dreams about facing a fire-breathing dragon who's blocking the Lookout Tower!

PAW: Marshall's Dragon Dream
XSaving Their Hero

Apollo the Super Pup and some bunnies are caught in a web inside a cave! The PAW Patrol needs to rescue them!

PAW: Saving Their Hero
XPups Save Friendship Day

It's Friendship Day in Adventure Bay and the pups are helping deliver friendship cards!

PAW: Special Delivery
XFestive Coloring

Draw and color with your favorite Nick Jr. friends!

Nick Jr. Festive Coloring
XPAW Patrol: Tracker's Jungle Rescue

The PAW Patrol needs Tracker's help entering an ancient temple and locating the long-lost Golden Banana. Your child can guide this jungle pup as he swings into action collecting pup-power treats on his way to the temple. Kids can then go inside by matching the animal sounds with the correct animal behind each door. Continue solving number, color, and shape challenges to open the doors until the Golden Banana is found!

Age: 3-6

PAW Patrol