XPlaying with the Pups

Ready or not, here they come! Mayor Goodway’s niece and nephew play hide and seek with the PAW Patrol pups.

PAW: Playing with the Pups
XHalloween Sticker Fun

Create your own Halloween stickerbook with your favorite Nick Jr. characters.

Nick Jr: Halloween Sticker Fun
XBumblebee Business

Ryder, Marshall, Rocky, and Skye help Cap'n Turbot build a new home for a buzzing bunch of bumblebees.

PAW: Bumblebee Business
XTale of the Mer-Pup

The pups listen to Cap’t Turbot tell the tale of the mysterious Mer-pup as they gather round the campfire.

PAW: Tale of the Mer-Pup
XA Pupcorn Problem

When Chickaletta gets trapped in a corn maze filled with popcorn, Chase races to the rescue!

PAW: A Pupcorn Problem
XSticker Fun!

Create your own Nick Jr. stickerbook with your favorite Nick Jr. characters.

Nick Jr. Sticker Fun!
XPAW Patrol Wedding

Love is in the air! The pups help celebrate the wedding of some very special friends.

PAW Patrol: PAW Patrol Wedding
XSomebunny Help!

Ryder and the pups hop to it to save a family of bunnies from an incoming storm.

PAW: Somebunny Help!
XMarshall Saves the Day

When the rest of the PAW Patrol is out for the day, it's up to Marshall to save the lost kitten by himself!

PAW: Marshall Saves the Day
XStay Safe

Pre-schoolers can learn about safety with the Paw Patrol in this collection of mini-games.

Paw Patrol: Stay Safe with Paw Patrol
XThe Ancient Ruins

Chase and Ryder must find a way to get the magical necklace back in its place before the ruins fall apart!

PAW: The Ancient Ruins
XHow To Clay: Ryder

It's clay time! Check out how to clay this crafty Ryder from PAW Patrol!

How To Clay: Ryder

PAW Patrol