XWally's Rescue

Ready, set, get wet! Wally the walrus is stuck in a net underwater and Zuma and Ryder must come to his rescue.

XKitty Catastrophe

Precious the kitten is on the loose in Adventure Bay and the PAW Patrol must fix this CAT-astrophe!

XA High Flying Goodway

Mayor Goodway yelps for help when her hot air balloon takes off without her co-pilot!

XBothersome Bunnies

Hungry hares are eating all of Farmer Yumi's carrots and the PAW Patrol must hop into action!

XEunice on the Loose

There's a runaway elephant stomping through Adventure Bay! Will PAW Patrol's path of peanuts lead her home?

XGrandpa Grover

Grandpa Grover's statue is at the bottom of Adventure Bay and only the PAW Patrol can save the day!

XSlippery Slopes

Oh snow! Alex and Jake are stuck on the slopes. Can the PAW Patrol save them without causing an avalanche?

XThe Greatest Fire-Pup

Do your best, and forget the rest! Marshall takes on the fire rescue course in attempts to win a trophy.

XThe Pup's Got Moves

Skye shows Chase how to get down with the pup pup boogie.

XBath Time for Kitty

Rubble wants to give his new kitty best friend a bath.

XA Pup Circus

The PAW Patrol takes to the big top to show off their circus tricks!

XA Surprise for Chase

It's paw-ty time! The PAW Patrol is throwing Chase a surprise birthday party. Can the pups keep it a secret?