XPups Save the Parrot

The PAW Patrol heads to the jungle to help their friend Carlos find his lost parrot, Mateo!

PAW Patrol: Pups Save the Parrot/Pups Save the Queen Bee
Full Episode
XMission: Monkey

When two monkeys get caught in a tree surrounded by lava, Ryder and Skye must bring them to safety!

PAW: Mission: Monkey
XBird Feeding

How can Francois walk on his tightrope when seagulls keep getting in his way? Marshall has an idea!

PAW: Bird Feeding
XPups Save the Space Alien

A spaceship crash lands and strands a little extra-terrestrial. It's up to the Paw Patrol to help him back to his home planet!

PAW Patrol: 'Pups Save the Space Alien/Pups Save a Flying Frog'
Full Episode
XDancing Hippos

Prepare to be amazed by Hippo Daisy and her hippo babies! Zuma dances with the hippos in this pup-tastic show!

PAW: Dancing Hippos
XA Beary Wobbly Tree

When Daring Danny ends up on the top of a tree, Skye must get to him before the bears do!

PAW: A Beary Wobbly Tree
XGarden Guards

It's up to Chase and Rocky to keep Garby, the goat, away from Mayor Goodway's tulips!

PAW: Garden Guards
XTrack Down That Crown!

Mandy, the monkey, took a valuable crown! Tracker and the PAW Patrol need to find her and get it back!

PAW: Track Down That Crown!
XAwesome Stunt Footage

Danny ended up on top of a big movie screen after doing a wild stunt! Can the PAW Patrol help him get down?

PAW: Awesome Stunt Footage
XThe Robo-Dinosaur

Join the PAW Patrol as they meet Earl, the friendliest robo-dinosaur that ever lived!

PAW: The Robo-Dinosaur
XRooftop Bench

Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta are stuck on a bench on the roof! Can the PAW Patrol get them down safely?

PAW: Rooftop Bench
X1, 2, 3 Color! PAW Patrol

See how the whole Paw Patrol team comes to life in this 1,2,3 Color!

1, 2, 3 Color! PAW Patrol

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