XPups' Jungle Trouble

The Paw Patrol goes to the jungle to meet Ryder’s pen pal, Carlos.

PAW Patrol: 'Pups' Jungle Trouble/Pups Save a Herd'
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XDIY Cookie Art: PAW Patrol

Make Rubble, Chase, Marshall, and Skye from PAW Patrol into cookie art!

DIY Cookie Art: PAW Patrol
XJake's New Friend

Jake is stranded in the middle of a blizzard, but a super brave pup named Everest is here to help!

PAW: Jake's New Friend
XChasing an Alien

When Chase hears that an alien has invaded Adventure Bay, he tries his best to track it down!

PAW: Chasing an Alien
XThe Wild Cali

When Cali gets trapped on a block of ice in the bay, Ryder and the pups are on their way to rescue her!

PAW: The Wild Cali
XThe Ancient Ruins

Chase and Ryder must find a way to get the magical necklace back in its place before the ruins fall apart!

PAW: The Ancient Ruins
XBeaver Trouble

It’s up to the pups to stop Chompy, the beaver, from chewing his way through Adventure Bay.

PAW: Beaver Trouble
XMarshall Subs In

Marshall takes Zuma's place in the basketball tournament after he gets injured during the game.

Paw Patrol: Marshall Subs In
XLead Pup Singer

Prepare to perform! The pups are starting a band and need to pick a lead singer! Which pup would be best?

PAW: Lead Pup Singer
XWe Can Dolphinately Do it

When a dolphin gets separated from its family, the PAW Patrol comes up with a plan to bring them together!

PAW: We Can Dolphinately Do it
XItsy Bitsy Spider

Super Rubble faces his fears and walks through a cave full spiders to save Jake!

PAW: Itsy Bitsy Spider
XParade Prep

It's Adventure Bay Day and the pups are making their own floats for the big parade!

PAW: Parade Prep

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