XPups Save an Adventure

Alex is working towards getting his Action Scouts Fire Safety Badge, and who better to help him than the Paw Patrol!

PAW Patrol: Pups Save an Adventure/Pups Save a Surprise
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X1, 2, 3 Color! Marshall, Rubble, and Chase

Marshall, Rubble, and Chase are ready for action in their patrollers. Watch them come to life in this 1,2,3 Color!

1, 2, 3 Color! Marshall, Rubble, and Chase
XGlad to Be Baa-ck

When the pups need to save some lambs from being stuck in a cave, Marshall's sheep costume comes in handy!

PAW: Glad to Be Baa-ck
XPups Save the Diving Bell

Captain Turbot runs into trouble snapping a picture of a rare seaslug, and then the pups help a hungry beaver who's lost his home.

PAW Patrol: 'Pups Save the Diving Bell/Pups Save the Beavers'
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XFishy Motivation

Everest must save a polar bear, but he's too scared to move! Ryder comes up with a fishy way to motivate him!

PAW: Fishy Motivation
XRocky's Rocket

Ryder and the pups need to fix Captain Gordy's rocket! Luckily, Rocky found just what he needs to fix it!

PAW: Rocky's Rocket

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