XDJ Rubble's Gotta Scratch

Do the scratch with DJ Rubble and the pups! When Rubble plays his new song, everyone dances along!

PAW: DJ Rubble's Gotta Scratch
XDIY Rubble with Dots

DIY Rubble from PAW Patrol with dots

DIY Rubble with Dots
XLights, Puppies, Action!

Who turned out the lights? Ryder and the pups needs to fix a windmill so the electricity will turn back on!

PAW: Lights, Puppies, Action!
XCrocodile Costume

When a crocodile takes a swim in the pool, Ryder and the pups come up with a creative way to lure him out!

PAW: Crocodile Costume
XPlaying Super Pups

It's time to play Super Pups with the PAW Patrol! Rubble pretends to be Apollo and he's got a bunny to save!

PAW: Playing Super Pups
XNice Ice Boarding

When Ryder's ATV floats away in the bay, Zuma helps him do some fancy ice boarding to get it back!

PAW: Nice Ice Boarding
XFabulous Flying Food

Food is flying all over Adventure Bay! When the pups and their friends order food, it's delivered by drones!

PAW: Fabulous Flying Food
XEntertaining Cali

Katie, Everest, and Cali head to a cabin for a quick getaway, but Cali isn't happy to be away from home.

PAW: Entertaining Cali
XRobo Rescue

Fly in the sky with Skye! When Robo-Dog gets lost in the air, Skye needs to bring him back down to the ground!

PAW: Robo Rescue
XNick Jr. Face Painting: Rubble

Learn how you can look like your favorite PAW Patrol character with some perfectly paw-some face painting.

Nick Jr. Face Painting: Rubble
XDIY Rubble

DIY Rubble from PAW Patrol with clay

DIY Rubble
XPAW Patrol In Action!

Check out some of the most action packed moments from everyone's favorite pups, the PAW Patrol!

PAW Patrol In Action!

PAW Patrol Videos