XSea Patrol to the Rescue!

Sea Patrol is on a roll! When an octopus' tentacles take over his ship, Cap’t Turbot calls the pups for help.

PAW: Sea Patrol to the Rescue!
XA Real Cliffhanger

After Mayor Humdinger cheats in the big race, he needs the Paw Patrol to save him from a nasty fall!

PAW: A Real Cliffhanger
XMy Favorite: Chase

Everyone is wild about Chase! Who doesn't love the fearless leader of the Paw Patrol?

My Favorite: Chase
X1,2,3 Color! PAW Patrol

The PAW Patrol pups and Ryder come to life in 1,2,3 Color! PAW Patrol

1,2,3 Color! PAW Patrol
XAlpha-Beats: PAW Patrol

Bop to the beat with all your friends from the PAW Patrol with this paw-some alphabet song!

Alpha-Beats: PAW Patrol
XPlaying with the Pups

Ready or not, here they come! Mayor Goodway’s niece and nephew play hide and seek with the PAW Patrol pups.

PAW: Playing with the Pups
XBumblebee Business

Ryder, Marshall, Rocky, and Skye help Cap'n Turbot build a new home for a buzzing bunch of bumblebees.

PAW: Bumblebee Business
XTale of the Mer-Pup

The pups listen to Cap’t Turbot tell the tale of the mysterious Mer-pup as they gather round the campfire.

PAW: Tale of the Mer-Pup
XA Pupcorn Problem

When Chickaletta gets trapped in a corn maze filled with popcorn, Chase races to the rescue!

PAW: A Pupcorn Problem
XPAW Patrol Wedding

Love is in the air! The pups help celebrate the wedding of some very special friends.

PAW Patrol: PAW Patrol Wedding
XSomebunny Help!

Ryder and the pups hop to it to save a family of bunnies from an incoming storm.

PAW: Somebunny Help!
XMarshall Saves the Day

When the rest of the PAW Patrol is out for the day, it's up to Marshall to save the lost kitten by himself!

PAW: Marshall Saves the Day

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