XPuddle Jumping

Peppa wants to be a big girl, just like her cousin, Chloe.

Peppa Pig: Puddle Jumping
XBallet Lessons

Peppa and her friends are learning ballet! Learn how to demi-plié with grace and beauty!

Peppa Pig: Ballet Lessons
XBrand New Shoes

When Peppa loses her shoes, Mummy Pig takes her to Miss Rabbit's Shoe Shop to buy a brand new pair.

Peppa Pig: Brand New Shoes
XMaking Puppets

Cousin Chloe shows Peppa and George her new puppet theater and the puppets she made.

Peppa Pig: Making Puppets
XThe Tree House

When Grandpa Pig builds a tree house for Peppa Pig and George, everyone wants to visit!

Peppa Pig: The Tree House
XBeautiful Butterfly

Peppa pretends to be a beautiful butterfly while George and Grandpa Pig act like wriggly worms!

Peppa Pig: Beautiful Butterfly
XMummy Pig's Surprise Party

Peppa plans a surprise birthday party for Mummy Pig with a little help from Daddy Pig and George.

Peppa Pig: Mummy Pig's Surprise Party
XFlipping Pancakes

Daddy Pig shows Mummy Pig, Peppa, and George that there's an art to flipping pancakes.

Peppa Pig: Flipping Pancakes
XDollhouse Tea Party

An uninvited guest drops in on Peppa's perfectly proper dollhouse tea party.

Peppa Pig: Dollhouse Tea Party

Peppa learns all about thunderstorms and their "thunderbangs."

Peppa Pig: Thunderstorms
XFancy Dress Party

Who will win the prize for best costume at Peppa's party?

Peppa Pig: Fancy Dress Party
XPlanting With Peppa

Grandpa Pig teaches Peppa and George how to plant strawberries in his garden!

Peppa: Planting With Peppa