XAnts in Pants

While Rusty, Ruby, Sammy, and Liam are on a hiking trip, Liam's ants accidentally end up in Sammy's pants!

Rusty Rivets: Ants in Pants
XTrain Trouble

When the circus train needs a power boost, Botasaur saves the day by pulling the train himself!

Rusty Rivets: Train Trouble
XBotasaur's New Skis

Rusty builds Botasaur a brand new pair of skis to get him ready for their ski trip with Ruby, Liam, and Sammy!

Rusty Rivets: Botasaur's New Skis
XPenguin Pursuit

Special delivery! A mail mix-up causes Rusty and his pals to receive a pack of penguins by mistake.

Rusty Rivets: Penguin Pursuit
XRoad Block

Rusty and Ruby come up with a plan to get past a massive rock blocking the road on the way to their ski trip!

Rusty Rivets: Road Block
XMid-Air Rescue

Rusty and Ruby create the Rescue-Matic Powerplane 9000 to fix an airplane's broken antenna.

Rusty Rivets: Mid-Air Rescue
XTheme Song Remix

Let's build an adventure! Dance along with Rusty, Ruby, the Bits, and Botasaur in this music video!

Rusty Rivets: Theme Song Remix
XAn Adventure in the Making

If he can dream it, he can build it! There is always an adventure in the making with Rusty Rivets.

Rusty Rivets: An Adventure in the Making
XMeet the Bits

Meet the Bits! Whirly, Ray, Jack, and Crush are Rusty and Ruby's awesome team of high-tech helpers.

Rusty Rivets: Meet the Bits
XMeet Ruby

Meet Rusty's best friend, Ruby! With her super cool tools and high-tech helpers, Ruby can put any plan in motion.

Rusty Rivets: Meet Ruby
XMeet Rusty

Rusty Rivets loves taking things apart and putting them back together to be more awesome than ever!

Rusty Rivets: Meet Rusty
XGear up for Rusty Rivets!

Gear up to meet a high-tech hero and his team! Rusty, Ruby, and the Bits combine and design new inventions.

Rusty Rivets: Gear up for Rusty Rivets!