XMonkeying Around

Animals escaped from the zoo and are monkeying around town! Rusty and Ruby must get them back to the zoo!

Rusty Rivets: Monkeying Around
XThat's Just Peachy

What happens when you mix sorbet with pie? Rusty and Ruby help Sammy and Betty mix their peachy recipes!

Rusty Rivets: That's Just Peachy
XPenguin Problem!

Oh no! There’s a penguin problem in the recycling yard! Rusty and Ruby need kids’ help collecting all the penguins and bringing them back to the animal park. Move each character up and down to jump onto platforms and avoid obstacles along the way. Come on, kids, time to bolt!

Age: 3-6

Rusty Rivets: Penguin Problem!
XA Plan for the Dam

Rusty and Ruby need Botasaur's help as they move a big tree to support the leaky beaver dam.

Rusty Rivets: A Plan for the Dam
XCreature Seekers

Rusty, Ruby, and Liam team up to capture a picture of a mysterious creature lurking in the woods!

Rusty Rivets: Creature Seekers
XThe Wild Water Balloon

Rusty, Ruby, the Bits, and Botasaur need to move a giant water balloon back to the Rivet Lab before it pops!

Rusty Rivets: The Wild Water Balloon
XFluffy the Mechanical Animal

When Fluffy, Ruby's mechanical animal, climbs up a mountain with Rusty, Ruby must find a way to get them down.

Rusty Rivets: Fluffy the Mechanical Animal
XSparkton Thrills

Liam wants to go to Sparkton Thrills to celebrate his birthday and it's up to Rusty and Ruby to get him there!

Rusty Rivets: Sparkton Thrills
XIce Cream Delivery

When a new ice cream truck comes to town, Sammy uses Rusty's latest invention to make quicker deliveries.

Rusty Rivets: Ice Cream Delivery
XThe Next Big Thing

Rusty needs to build a flying vehicle that's big enough for Botasaur so he can get across a ledge!

Rusty Rivets: The Next Big Thing
XRubbish Rescue

Rusty, Ruby, and the Bits use the Multi-Armed Garbage-Picker Crab 8000 to remove all the garbage in the ocean.

Rusty Rivets: Rubbish Rescue
XOrbit the Satellite

When a satellite named Orbit falls from the sky, the Bits are excited to make a new friend!

Rusty Rivets: Orbit the Satellite