XRusty's Botafort

When Rusty, Ruby, and Liam build a fort that Botasaur can't fit into, he runs away to make his own fort.

Rusty Rivets: 'Rusty's Botafort/Rusty's Bull Dozer'
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XThe First Pit Stop

Rusty and Ruby take on Frankie Fritz in an uphill car challenge!

Rusty Rivets: The First Pit Stop
XBlock Party: Runaway Melon

It's a Noggin Block Party! Watch your Noggin friends work together to stop a watermelon from rolling away.

Block Party: Runaway Melon
XRusty Learns to Skate

Rusty builds rocket skates instead of learning how to skate but these cut up the ice and end up stranding all his friends on ice floes.

Rusty Rivets: 'Rusty Learns to Skate/Rusty's Rustic Adventure'
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XNick Jr. Claytime: Rusty

Watch as a ball of clay gets combined and designed to become Rusty Rivets!

Nick Jr. Claytime: Rusty
XRuby Takes Flight

Rusty, Botasaur, and the Bits help Ruby land her plane in the dark by building the Flying Rotolight 5000.

Rusty Rivets: Ruby Takes Flight
XPixel Pictures: Rusty

Watch as these pixels combine to design a picture of your favorite high-tech hero, Rusty!

Pixel Pictures: Rusty
XOfficer Carl's Acrobatics

When Rusty and Ruby's frisbee gets stuck on top of a store, Officer Carl shows off his moves to help.

Rusty Rivets: Officer Carl's Acrobatics
XHelping Officer Carl

Officer Carl needs help on a busy day as the town's only police officer, so Rusty and Ruby lend him a hand!

Rusty Rivets: Helping Officer Carl
XPixel Pictures: Botasaur

Watch as these pixels combine and design to create a picture of Rusty's trusty sidekick, Botasaur!

Pixel Pictures: Botasaur
XUltimate Mom Chair

Rusty reveals his new invention, the Rivets Relaxing Recliner, to his mom!

Rusty Rivets: Ultimate Mom Chair
XPop 'Em and Stop 'Em

When Liam flies away in an air balloon, Rusty and Ruby create an invention to get him back on the ground.

Rusty Rivets: Pop 'Em and Stop 'Em

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