XRusty Goes Bananas

When the mischevious monkeys escape from their Animal Park enclosure, Rusty must find a way to lead them back.

Rusty Rivets: 'Rusty Goes Bananas/Rusty's Night Lights'
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XBig Fish Doctor

When a big fish gets sick, Rusty and Ruby have to find a way to get him out of the water for a checkup.

Rusty Rivets: Big Fish Doctor
XGet That Medal!

Rusty and Ruby search everywhere for the missing Super Citizen Medal only to find that a seagull was the thief!

Rusty Rivets: Get That Medal!
XRusty and Captain Scoops

Rusty and Ruby turn Sammy Scoops into Captain Scoops, an ice cream superhero, in order to sell the most ice cream.

Rusty Rivets: 'Rusty and Captain Scoops/Rusty's Creature Catcher'
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XMid-Air Rescue

Rusty and Ruby create the Rescue-Matic Powerplane 9000 to fix an airplane's broken antenna.

Rusty Rivets: Mid-Air Rescue
XFluffy the Mechanical Animal

When Fluffy, Ruby's mechanical animal, climbs up a mountain with Rusty, Ruby must find a way to get them down.

Rusty Rivets: Fluffy the Mechanical Animal
XOfficer Carl's Acrobatics

When Rusty and Ruby's frisbee gets stuck on top of a store, Officer Carl shows off his moves to help.

Rusty Rivets: Officer Carl's Acrobatics
XBotasaur Has a Cold

When Rusty and Ruby want to take Botasaur, Tigerbot, and Botarilla to the jungle, Botasaur catches a cold!

Rusty Rivets: Botasaur Has a Cold
XSaving Ranger

When Ranger, the giraffe, gets stuck on a cliff, Rusty and Ruby have to figure out how to get him down!

Rusty Rivets: Saving Ranger
XUltimate Mom Chair

Rusty reveals his new invention, the Rivets Relaxing Recliner, to his mom!

Rusty Rivets: Ultimate Mom Chair
XThe Mobile Rivet Lab

Check out the newest invention from Rusty Rivets, the mobile rivet lab!

The Mobile Rivet Lab
XOperation Save Party

When the bridge is broken, Rusty needs to figure out how to get all the partygoers to Ruby's birthday!

Rusty Rivets: Operation Save Party

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