XRusty's Pet Project

When Botasaur gets tired from playing, Rusty builds him a bigger battery - but with it comes more energy!

Rusty Rivets: 'Rusty's Pet Project/Rusty Gets Stuck'
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XPixel Pictures: Botasaur

Watch as these pixels combine and design to create a picture of Rusty's trusty sidekick, Botasaur!

Pixel Pictures: Botasaur
XUltimate Mom Chair

Rusty reveals his new invention, the Rivets Relaxing Recliner, to his mom!

Rusty Rivets: Ultimate Mom Chair
XRusty and the Bit Police

On a busy day, Officer Carl needs to be in too many places at the same time.

Rusty and the Bit Police/Rusty's Jam at the Dam
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XPop 'Em and Stop 'Em

When Liam flies away in an air balloon, Rusty and Ruby create an invention to get him back on the ground.

Rusty Rivets: Pop 'Em and Stop 'Em
XA Plan for the Dam

Rusty and Ruby need Botasaur's help as they move a big tree to support the leaky beaver dam.

Rusty Rivets: A Plan for the Dam
XOperation Save Party

When the bridge is broken, Rusty needs to figure out how to get all the partygoers to Ruby's birthday!

Rusty Rivets: Operation Save Party
XSparkton Thrills

Liam wants to go to Sparkton Thrills to celebrate his birthday and it's up to Rusty and Ruby to get him there!

Rusty Rivets: Sparkton Thrills
XCatching Robo Squirrel

What happens when a robot squirrel is eating nuts and bolts all over town? Find out in this video!

Rusty Rivets: Catching Robo Squirrel
XThe Wild Vacuum

When Liam takes the wheel of Rusty's Super Mammoth Vac 6500, he ends up making a mess, not cleaning it up!

Rusty Rivets: The Wild Vacuum
XThe Biggest Best Sand Castle

Watch Rusty and Ruby help Liam build the ultimate sand castle.

Rusty Rivets: The Biggest Best Sand Castle
XRuby and the Rustettes

With help from Rusty and the Bits, Ruby is ready to take the stage and put on a sensational show!

Rusty Rivets: Ruby and the Rustettes

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