XOrbit the Satellite

When a satellite named Orbit falls from the sky, the Bits are excited to make a new friend!

XSaving the Scrub Jay

When a scrub jay makes its nest on a crumbly cliff, Rusty and Ruby find it a safe place to call home.

XRusty's Flingbot Exclusive Look

Rusty and Ruby take cover when the Cupcake Flingbot starts flinging everything in sight!

XMr. Wobblesworth

Rusty and Ruby build the Emergency Rescue Robo-Spider 8000 to rescue Liam's stuffed animal, Mr. Wobblesworth.

XNight Flight

Rusty, Ruby, and the Bits fly the night sky in the Bit-Bat 9000 to find Crush!

XTech-Savvy Adventures

Get your imagination going with Rusty, Ruby, and the Bots for countless tech-savy adventures with these epic inventions! It's time for you to be an inventor, too!

Rusty Rivets Videos