XHow To Clay: Tala

It's clay time! Check out how to clay this crafty Tala from Shimmer and Shine!

How To Clay: Tala
XUnicorn Ring Toss

Join Shimmer, Shine, Leah, Zac, Kaz, Zeta, and Nazboo as they compete in the Zoomicorn Toss Tournament!

S&S: Unicorn Ring Toss
XHow To Clay: Shimmer

It's clay time! Check out how to clay this crafty Shimmer from Shimmer and Shine!

How To Clay: Shimmer
XBetter Together

Work together, learn from your mistakes, and learn how to be helpful with Shimmer and Shine!

Shimmer and Shine: Better Together
XLet's Make a Mess

Leah, Shimmer, and Shine make a mess to catch the Pristine Gem and stop the out-of-control cleaning supplies.

S&S: Let's Make a Mess
XA Ziffilon for Kaz

Zac uses his last wish of the day to give his genie, Kaz, the pet he has always dreamed of...a Ziffilon!

S&S: A Ziffilon for Kaz
XA Big Chicken Problem

Zeta uses Samira's special staff to turn everyone in the marketplace into chickens!

S&S: A Big Chicken Problem
XFestive Coloring

Draw and color with your favorite Nick Jr. friends!

Nick Jr. Festive Coloring
XMeet Tala and Nahal

Let's meet Shimmer and Shine's furry friends, Tala and Nahal!

Shimmer and Shine: Meet Tala and Nahal
XThe Doubling Gem

Leah, Shimmer, and Shine need to get the Doubling Gem back from Zeta before she becomes too powerful.

S&S: The Doubling Gem
XPepper Picking

Shimmer, Shine, and Leah need to collect a special ingredient to cook up a cure for Nazboo's dragon pox.

S&S: Pepper Picking
XFestive Sticker Fun

Create your own festive stickerbook with your favorite Nick Jr. characters.

Nick Jr. Festive Sticker Fun

Shimmer and Shine