XA Very Genie Halloweenie

It’s Halloween, and Leah invites her genies over to join the fun. It's a spooktacular adventure!

Shimmer and Shine: 'A Very Genie Halloweenie'
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XPillow Fort

Things get a little out of control when Leah shows Shimmer & Shine how to to build a pillow fort at their sleepover party.

S&S: Pillow Fort
XA Very Genie Halloweenie First Look

Shimmer and Shine are going trick-or-treating with Leah and they finally get to meet Zac!

S&S: The Genies Meet Zac
XUnderground Bound

As the girls search for Leah's lost necklace, an underground creature finds it and begins making wishes.

Shimmer and Shine: 'Underground Bound/Wishy Washy Genie'
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XDaydreams Come True

When Zeta combines Daydream Dust with Dream Come True Dust, genies' daydreams start coming true and wreaking havoc. The genies and Leah will need to work with Nadia to get rid of the Daydreams.

Shimmer and Shine: Daydreams Come True
XVisiting Zahraconia

Zahracorns take Shimmer, Shine and Leah to Zahraconia, a beautiful, magical place where all of them live!

Shimmer and Shine: Visiting Zahraconia
XDragon Pox

Nazboo gets sick with Dragon Pox, and Leah, Shimmer, and Shine go on an adventure to find the magical cure.

Shimmer and Shine: 'Dragon Pox/Lightning in a Bottle'
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XShiver Cone Frenzy

When Zeta becomes Leah's genie, she has to make a bunch of yummy shiver cones.

S&S: Shiver Cone Frenzy
XThe Music Gem

Join Shimmer, Shine, and Leah at the Gem Workshop as they learn how to turn crystals into gems!

S&S: The Music Gem
XZeta's Disguise

When Zeta pretends to be Samira by wearing a disguise, Shimmer and Shine must find out who's behind her mask.

S&S: Zeta's Disguise
XDIY Cookie Art: Shimmer and Shine

Make Shimmer, Shine, and more into cookie art!

DIY Cookie Art: Shimmer and Shine
XSwan Queen Divine

Leah uses her first wish of the day to transform into a swan queen just like the one she saw in the ballet!

S&S: Swan Queen Divine

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