XSaving Zeta

Shimmer needs to fix the magic carpet so she, Shine, Leah, and Dalia can save Zeta from a big rolling ball!

S&S: Saving Zeta
XWashing Wishes Away

Ever wish you could unwish a wish? The Wishy Washy Genie is here to help when Zac and Leah are in need!

S&S: Washing Wishes Away
XMeet Captain Zora

Meet Captain Zora and her piratey pet, Scallywag, as Shimmer, Shine, and Leah help set their pirate ship free.

S&S: Meet Captain Zora
X1,2,3 Color! Shimmer and Shine

Shimmer, Shine, Nahal, and Tala come to life in 1,2,3 Color! Shimmer and Shine

1,2,3 Color! Shimmer and Shine
XRainbow's Rescue

When Leah and the genies find themselves trapped in a jungle labyrinth, they need a helping hand to escape!

S&S: Rainbow's Rescue
XMagic Moves: Genie Song

Put your arms together and do some magic moves to this genie-rrific song!

S&S: Magic Moves: Genie Song
XA Nazboo Balloon

Shimmer, Shine, and Leah help Zeta get the final ingredient for her potion to turn Nazboo back to normal.

S&S: A Nazboo Balloon
XPicking Zazzleberries

Join Shimmer, Shine, Leah, Zac, and Kaz as they collect zazzleberries to make zazzleberry pie.

S&S: Picking Zazzleberries
XBaby Zuzu Bird

Shimmer, Shine, and Leah help Zeta take care of a baby Zuzu Bird while looking for the bird's mama.

S&S: Baby Zuzu Bird
XCave Magic

Leah, Shimmer, and Shine need Empress Caliana's help to rescue Princess Samira from the Crystal Cave.

S&S: Cave Magic
XCamouflage Potion

Zeta and Nazboo use a camouflage potion in an attempt to take all of Shimmer and Shine's genie gems.

S&S: Camouflage Potion
XFrosty Fun Exclusive Look

When the Ice Sprites attach themselves to the genies’ magic carpet, the girls are in for a frosty fast ride.

S&S: Frosty Fast Ride

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