XAn Arcade Day

Leah calls on Shimmer and Shine for some arcade assistance when she needs to win 10,000 tickets!

S&S: An Arcade Day
XCupcake Catastrophe

Leah needs help from her favorite genie friends, Shimmer and Shine, to make cupcakes for a bake sale!

S&S: Cupcake Catastrophe
XToo Much Popcorn

Shimmer and Shine help Leah prepare for a movie night and end up with way more popcorn than they can eat!

S&S: Too Much Popcorn
XZac's Magic Show

When Zac's magic tricks aren't going well, Leah asks her genie friends, Shimmer and Shine, for some help!

S&S: Zac's Magic Show
XHide and Seek

When genies play hide and seek the possibilities are endless! Where will Shimmer find Shine, Nahal, and Tala?

Shimmer and Shine: Hide and Seek
XPigs in a Blanket

Shimmer and Shine help Leah catch two very mischievous pigs when one of Leah's wishes doesn't go as planned!

S&S: Pigs in a Blanket
XPet-acular Pals

Spend some time with Nick Jr's cute and cuddly pet pals!

Silly Short: Pet-acular Pals
XMake a Wish Song

Shimmer and Shine can make every dream come true, so make a wish!

Shimmer and Shine: Make a Wish Song
XTravel Song

Take a magical ride through Zahramay Falls with Shimmer and Shine!

Shimmer and Shine: Travel Song
XTheme Song

This catchy tune about Shimmer and Shine will get those toes tapping!

Shimmer and Shine: Theme Song

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