XBlair's New Hair

Sunny gives Blair a new hairstyle to make her look just like her favorite pop star, Mandy!

Sunny Day: Blair's New Hair
XTimmy Branches Out

When Timmy gets stuck in an apple tree, Sunny, Rox, and Blair need to help him get down!

Sunny Day: Timmy Branches Out
XOutside the Lines

Sing along, be yourself and think outside the lines with Sunny, Rox, and Blair in this video!

Sunny Day: Outside the Lines
XMaking New Friends

Doodle and Timmy bond over cheeseburgers, belly rubs, and singing while Doodle is missing Sunny.

Sunny Day: Making New Friends
XA Tree-mendous Topi-Hairy

Sunny's taking her skills on the road! Will she finish her topiary tree while riding in the Glam Van?

Sunny Day: A Tree-mendous Topi-Hairy
XA Stay Put Style

Hannah, the ballerina, needs Sunny to make her hair to stay in place while she dances in the new ballet.

Sunny Day: A Stay Put Style
XBirthday Baking

Follow the recipe with Sunny, Blair, and Rox as Cindy teaches them how to make the perfect cake!

Sunny Day: Birthday Baking
XStyle Files: Topiairy Style

It's stylin' time! Learn how to make a tree-rific hairstyle called a topiairy in this step-by-step video!

Sunny Day: Style Files: Topiairy Style
XMeet Sunny!

Meet Sunny Day! With her best friends by her side, Sunny is ready for a new style of adventure.

Meet Sunny!
XStyle Files: Pop Star Ponytail

Ready to be a pop star? Join Sunny for this hair tutorial video and learn how to make a pop star ponytail!

Sunny Day: Style Files: Pop Star Ponytail
XStyle Files: Crown Braids

It's time to get stylin'! Look like royalty and make the perfect crown braid with this step-by-step video!

Sunny Day: Style Files: Crown Braids
XStyle Files: Friendship Braid

Get stylin’ with this step-by-step video and learn how to make a fabulous friendship braid just like Sunny’s!

Style Files: Friendship Braid

Sunny Day