XThe Dragon Kite

Milli, Geo, and Bot are on a hunt to find the missing dragon kite in time for the kite festival!

XSpy It Up

Cool gadgets and super skills? Check. Nick Jr.'s spies are ready for action!

XMilli's Raft

Milli needs to use her measuring magic so she can help Team Umizoomi get down the river. Milli Measure!

XTrain Engine

Follow the super shape blueprint and help Geo build an engine for the train in this Team Umizoomi video.

XHow Do Sprinklers Work?

There's an elephant sprinkler at the water playground in UmiCity. Learn how it works with Team Umizoomi.

XPost Office Facts

How does the Post Office work? How do letters and packages get from here to there? Bot knows! Watch and learn!

XHow Do We Get Milk?

How does milk get to UmiCity? Bot knows! Watch and learn in this Team Umizoomi Supersonic Science video.

XFind Brachiosaurus

Where have all the dinosaurs gone? Help Milli, Bot and Geo find Brachiosaurus and take him back to the Museum!

XThe Lost Thermos

Milli, Bot, and Geo need to find Anna's lost thermos. Can Buster the super smart dog help them? Watch and see!

XDino Repair

Join Milli, Bot, and Geo for an upROARious rescue mission to put Stomposaurus back together in one piece!

XSavin' in the Rain

It's a rainy day in Umi City. Watch Milli, Bot and Geo take off on a mission to rescue a nest of baby chicks!

XClockwork Concert

Watch and sing along with Team Umizoomi as they go cuckoo for the Cuckoo Bears - their favorite clockwork band!

Team Umizoomi Videos