XRod Cockadoodle Didn't

Swift jets to the rescue when Rod's loud, exuberant singing get him trapped in an avalanche!

Rod Cockadoodle Didn't/Goose on the Loose
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XDIY Brody with Dots

DIY Brody from Top Wing with dots

DIY Brody with Dots
XInterrupting Bea

When Bea takes a day off, she must jump back into action to help the cadets save Shirley.

Top Wing: Interrupting Bea
XRod's Beary Brave Save

Rod proves he's "a rooster, not a chicken" as he finds a cute little bear cub lost in Haunted Cave.

Rod's Beary Brave Save/Race Through Danger Canyon
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XDIY Rod with Clay

DIY Rod from Top Wing with clay

DIY Rod with Clay
XLeveling Up!

The Top Wingers level up in cadet training and Swift, Brody, Penny, and Rod get some exciting perks with the promotion.

Leveling Up!
XCake on the Loose

When the Banana Bandits steal Rod's cake, Swift has to try and get it back!

Top Wing: Cake on the Loose
XWhat A Catch

When Ward is stuck in a raft going down stream, Brody comes in and tries to help.

Top Wing: What A Catch
XDIY Top Wing Phone Case

DIY a Top Wing phone case

DIY Top Wing Phone Case
XSaving Shirley

Watch the Top Wing cadets save Shirley and stop the trash train before it goes into the river!

Top Wing: Saving Shirley
XQuest for Lemons

The junior cadets of Top Wing Academy try their first virtual-reality simulation of a rescue!

Top Wing: Quest for Lemons
XShirley Makes a Plane

When Shirley realizes she always has bad luck making things, Bea teams up to help with her next creation!

Top Wing: Shirley Makes a Plane