Nick Jr. Videos

XFancy Things

When Minatori runs into the hall of fancy things, Nella runs after her to make sure nothing breaks.

Nella: Fancy Things
XGet That Medal!

Rusty and Ruby search everywhere for the missing Super Citizen Medal only to find that a seagull was the thief!

Rusty Rivets: Get That Medal!
XSir Clod

When Clod loses his invitation to a fabulous breakfast buffet, he leads his friends on a knightly quest to find it.

Nella the Princess Knight: 'Sir Clod/Up All Knight'
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XGone Bananas

Blaze needs to get up the hill, but Crusher's banana launcher is making the climb a little tricky!

Blaze: Gone Bananas
XParade Prep

It's Adventure Bay Day and the pups are making their own floats for the big parade!

PAW: Parade Prep
XMasquerade Charade

Leah, Shimmer, and Shine attend a party at Samira’s palace. Zeta crashes the party pretending to be Samira.

Shimmer and Shine: 'Masquerade Charade/The Silent Treatment'
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XNice Snowin' Ya!

When Crusher slows them down by throwing a snowball at them, Blaze and AJ use blazing speed to catch up!

Blaze: Nice Snowin' Ya!
XThe Mistaken Invitation

Nella needs to figure out why all the guests arrived in such a silly fashion for Clod's birthday party!

Nella: The Mistaken Invitation
XBling, Bling

When Zeta steals Samira’s necklace, the must get it back before she figures out its special power.

Shimmer and Shine: 'Bling, Bling/Staffinated'
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XTravel to Zahramay Skies

Shimmer, Shine and Leah travel to a magical new land called Zahramay Skies and meet Adara, the Stardust Princess.

Shimmer and Shine: Travel to Zahramay Skies
XNazboo's Cookie Craving

Nazboo can't wait to try one of Shimmer and Shine's cookies, but first he needs to find flying flour for Zeta.

SHS: Nazboo's Cookie Craving