Nick Jr. Videos

XFrozen Darington

The race is on to get Darington free from a block of ice! Can the Monster Machines take the heat?

Blaze: Frozen Darington
XDIY Cookie Art: PAW Patrol

Make Rubble, Chase, Marshall, and Skye from PAW Patrol into cookie art!

DIY Cookie Art: PAW Patrol
XThe Great Skate Mistake

While at the skatepark, Leah's skateboad breaks just before the skateboard competition.

Shimmer and Shine: 'The Great Skate Mistake'
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XMonkeying Around

Animals escaped from the zoo and are monkeying around town! Rusty and Ruby must get them back to the zoo!

Rusty Rivets: Monkeying Around
XA Checkup for Blaze

Oh no! Something's wrong with Blaze, and it looks like only Gabby might know what to do to help!

Blaze: A Checkup for Blaze
XPrincess Nella's Perfect Family Picture

Nella is a princess who transforms into a knight! She goes on fantastical adventures with her friends, Sir Garret, Trinket, and Clod, to fight for what's right.

Nella the Princess Knight: 'Princess Nella's Perfect Family Picture/Giant Trouble'
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XSomebunny Help!

Ryder and the pups hop to it to save a family of bunnies from an incoming storm.

PAW: Somebunny Help!
XRunaway Pets

When Tala and Nahal run away, it's up to Leah to find them!

S&S: Runaway Pets
XBouncy Tires

Zeg's super bouncy tires are out of control. Blaze and AJ need to use their super science skills to come up with a solution.

Blaze and The Monster Machine: 'Bouncy Tires'
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XTightrope Walking

When Nella and her friends are stuck in a gooey swamp, it's up to the Princess Knight to get everyone out!

Nella: Tightrope Walking
XSaving the Scrub Jay

When a scrub jay makes its nest on a crumbly cliff, Rusty and Ruby find it a safe place to call home.

Rusty Rivets: Saving the Scrub Jay