Nick Jr. Videos

XSaving Zeta

Shimmer needs to fix the magic carpet so she, Shine, Leah, and Dalia can save Zeta from a big rolling ball!

XSpace School

In space school, Molly and Gil show the Space Robot how to clean up after free play!

XLook Out for Lava

Blaze, AJ, Stripes, and Sparky must find a way to cross the hot lava to reach the volcano on the other side.

XSwiper's Promise

Swiper promises not to swipe anybody else's things if Dora and Boots will help him find his favorite items.

XMax and the Crab

Max and Ruby are having a beach day with Grandma. Max won't let a tricky crab get the best of him!

XThe Tricky Trees

Bobgoblin knows how to get Libby's voice back, but they'll have to get through the Tricky Trees first!

XFlower Bouncing

Dora, Boots, and Isa the Iguana must get through the flowery garden by bouncing on the bouncy flowers!

XSurprise UmiCar!

It's UmiCar's birthday so Team Umizoomi and all his friends have planned a surprise party for him! Umi-riffic!

XMason's Mission Paw Story

Mason tells his story about the super spy work that saved Marshall's birthday! This is a Mission Paw!

XNicolette's PAW Patrol Story

Nicolette tells her story about Chase, Skye, and Tracker's jungle expedition to find Chickaletta!

XBubble Trouble

Rubble finds himself in a little bubble trouble after wishing for a bubble bath from Jeremy the genie!