XA House Is Not a Horse

When the magic word "gallop" gets into Wally's house, it hightails it and become Bobgoblin's horse!

Wallykazam: A House Is Not a Horse
XChasing Rita

Wally and Gina the Giant go over the trees and head to the slime geyser to catch Running Rita!

Wallykazam: Chasing Rita
XFeed the Fruzzle Wuzzle!

Wally and Ogre Doug are looking for Norville's squeaky toy when they meet a creature that can help them.

Wallykazam: Feed the Fruzzle Wuzzle!
XBark in the Dark

You can still dance, you can still sing, you can still bark in the dark!

Nickelodeon Music (Clean): Wallykazam : Bark in the Dark
XDragon Bath Party

Let's get the dragon in the bathtub, because we're having a dragon bath party.

Nickelodeon Music : Wallykazam : Dragon Bath Party
XSilly Dance Show

Are you ready for the silly dance show? You're gonna laugh at the silly dance song!

Nickelodeon Music Clean: Wallykazam: Silly Dance Show
XSilly Stan

Wally, Norville, Ogre Doug, and Gina Giant try to make Stan of the Swamp laugh by showing him his reflection.

Wallykazam: Silly Stan
XThe Letter B

Help Wally and Norville catch Bobgoblin, who has taken off with the magic letter, B!

Wallykazam: The Letter B
XRock to the Top

Wally and Norville head to the top of a mountain with their friend Rockelle to find a treasure!

Wallykazam:  Rock to the Top
XGiant Words - Ridiculous!

When something is really silly, or really really weird it's ridiculous! Learn giant words with Gina the Giant.

Wallykazam Word Play- Gina Giant: Giant Words
XGina's Picnic

It's Picnic Day and nothing can ruin Gina's picnic, not even a little rain.

Wallykazam: Gina's Picnic
XMy Friend the King

No invaders, no dragons, no trolls! Wally sings about getting Norville's castle back from Bobgoblin.

Nickelodeon Music: Wallykazam: My Friend the King

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