XOfficer Carl's Acrobatics

When Rusty and Ruby's frisbee gets stuck on top of a store, Officer Carl shows off his moves to help.

Rusty Rivets: Officer Carl's Acrobatics
XBubble Guppies: Career Day

In this critical-thinking game, kids will be asked to select items that relate to the profession each Bubble Guppie is dressed up as. Get to work in this free, online educational games for kids, only on Nick Jr!

Bubble Guppies: Career Day
XStyle Files: Side Braids

Want to look like Dame Tralada from Sunny Day? Re-create her hairstyle and pair it with your favorite hat!

Sunny Day: Style Files: Side Braids
XFinding the perfect pal

The Bunch discover that with Sue away, Ringo plans to spend Pal'n'Times Day by himself. They are trying to help Ringo in finding the perfect pal.

Becca's Bunch: Finding the perfect pal
XFinding a spectacular act!

Becca and the bunch are joining the big talent show in Wagtail: Wow Me Wagtail. All they need is a spectacular act to wow the judges!

Becca's Bunch: Finding a spectacular act!
XFinding a lead singer

For the Woodrock festival Becca's bunch offered to play, but they have no lead singer. In search for a lead singer they ask around town who wants to join.