XPaddington's Pancakes

Paddington tries to make the Brown family Mrs. Bird's special pancakes

Paddington's Pancakes
XThe Adventures of Paddington: Family Breakfast

It’s a bright morning at 32 Windsor Gardens and Paddington has decided he’d like to surprise the Brown family with delicious pancakes for breakfast...what better way to spend time with family. But wait, where are the Brown's? Paddington needs your help in gathering the Brown's to have this delicious breakfast. Each family member must get ready for the day before heading down to eat and Paddington is the right bear for the job!

The Adventures of Paddington: Family Breakfast
XMeet Pigeonton!

Meet the Brown family's new friend, Pidgeonton!

Meet Pigeonton!
XGrow the Snowman

When a big storm starts heading towards Dora, Naiya, and Pablo, Shivers, the snowman, comes to the rescue!

DAF: Grow the Snowman
XPost Office Facts

How does the Post Office work? How do letters and packages get from here to there? Bot knows! Watch and learn!

Supersonic Science: How Does the Post Office Work?
XWorld Cooking

Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper and the whole Shaker family are making tasty treats from around the world for Blue … and YOU! Kids become kitchen helpers as they help their friends steam soup dumplings from China, roll gnocchi from Italy, stuff tamales from Mexico, and more – all while learning fun facts about cuisines and cultures of ten different countries. Get clued into delicious world culture with Blue’s Clues & You!