XSwim Like a Mermaid

Time to dive! After meeting Nila, the mermaid, Leah, Shimmer, and Shine get tails of their own.

S&S: Swim Like a Mermaid
XDora's Dot to Dot

Let’s count with Dora! In this preschool game, kids can practice their counting skills by following the numbers to connect the dots and complete each puzzle

Age: 3-6

Dora's Dot to Dot
XLead Pup Singer

Prepare to perform! The pups are starting a band and need to pick a lead singer! Which pup would be best?

PAW: Lead Pup Singer
XWe Can Dolphinately Do it

When a dolphin gets separated from its family, the PAW Patrol comes up with a plan to bring them together!

PAW: We Can Dolphinately Do it
XA moving pile of dirt

Kiva and Saul are on their way to look for dirt for Nanni's garden. They seem to have found a pile of dirt...but it's moving!

Kiva Can Do: Kiva Can Do: A moving pile of dirt