XLearning to Pipe

Learn to pipe icing with Cricket! Butterbean teaches her sister how to do fancy frosting swoops and swirls!

Butterbean's Cafe: Learning to Pipe
XLemonade Stand
Lemonade Stand
XPizza Party Prep

Prepare for the pizza party with Cricket! The first thing they'll need is dough, of course!

Butterbean's Cafe: Pizza Party Prep
XMaking Nana Bread

Dazzle decides to bake her Nana's famous banana bread, and show the girls how it's done!

Butterbean's Cafe: Making Nana Bread
XDazzle In Charge

While Poppy and Butterbean are catering a party, they put Dazzle in charge of Butterbean's Cafe!

Butterbean's Cafe: Dazzle In Charge
XCupcake Creator

Help Butterbean whip up some delicious cupcakes to satisfy all the Brookies needs in Butterbean’s Café: Cupcake Creator!

Butterbean's Cafe: Cupcake Creator
XThe Towering Tower of Crepes

Butterbean and her friends are creating a towering tower of crepes, but will it be able to stand up to Ms. Marmalady?

The Towering Tower of Crepes
XSpilled Soup

When Butterbean is sick, it's up to Poppy and Dazzle to serve everyone's favorite soup: Rainbow Noodle Soup.

Butterbean's Cafe: Spilled Soup
XThe Pancake Plan

When Ms. Marmalady realizes that Butterbean is making fluttercakes, she decides to come up with a plan!

Butterbean's Cafe: The Pancake Plan
XNick Jr. World!

Jump into a world of adventure, with our game Nick Jr. World! Create your own avatar before playing with and helping your Nick Jr. friends including Blaze, Shimmer & Shine, the Top Wing Cadets and Butterbean!

Nick Jr World! (International)
XDIY Cookie Art: Butterbean's Cafe

Make Butterbean and her cooking essentials for Butterbean’s Café!

DIY Cookie Art: Butterbean's Cafe
XA Gift for Butterbean

Watch Dazzle give Butterbean a special friendship necklace. Butterbean is so excited!

Butterbean's Cafe: A Gift for Butterbean

Butterbean's Cafe