XSpilled Soup

When Butterbean is sick, it's up to Poppy and Dazzle to serve everyone's favorite soup: Rainbow Noodle Soup.

Butterbean's Cafe: Spilled Soup
XLemonade Stand
Lemonade Stand
XThe Pancake Plan

When Ms. Marmalady realizes that Butterbean is making fluttercakes, she decides to come up with a plan!

Butterbean's Cafe: The Pancake Plan
XDIY Cookie Art: Butterbean's Cafe

Make Butterbean and her cooking essentials for Butterbean’s Café!

DIY Cookie Art: Butterbean's Cafe
XA Gift for Butterbean

Watch Dazzle give Butterbean a special friendship necklace. Butterbean is so excited!

Butterbean's Cafe: A Gift for Butterbean
XCupcake Creator

Help Butterbean whip up some delicious cupcakes to satisfy all the Brookies needs in Butterbean’s Café: Cupcake Creator!

Butterbean's Cafe: Cupcake Creator
XPerfect Surprise Cake

Cricket and Butterbean made Poppy's perfect surprise cake recipe, but the result was not as expected. Will Poppy like the surprise?

Butterbean's Cafe: Perfect Surprise Cake
XPancake Competition

Butterbean faces Ms. Marmalady in a super pancake competition. Who is going to win this challenge?

Butterbean's Café: Pancake Competition
XFriendship Necklace

Poppy thought Dazzle had bought a friendship necklace for Butterbean only, but she had a beautiful surprise! Now they will be fairy friends forever!

Butterbean's Café: Friendship Necklace
XNick Jr. World!

Jump into a world of adventure, with our game Nick Jr. World! Create your own avatar before playing with and helping your Nick Jr. friends including Blaze, Shimmer & Shine, the Top Wing Cadets and Butterbean!

Nick Jr World! (International)

When Dazzle forgets the main ingredient in Grandma Nana's banana cake, the whole team gathers to make a new recipe in time.

Butterbean's Café: teamwork
XLet's Get Cookin' Remix

It's time to get cookin' and have some fun in the kitchen with this musical mix up!

Butterbean's Cafe: Let's Get Cookin' Remix

Butterbean's Cafe