XFired Up!

Axle City’s fire chief is impressed with Blaze’s courage and thinks maybe he has what it takes to be a firefighter.

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XBlazing Challeges: Acceleration

Get an exciting lesson on acceleration as Blaze and AJ try to outrun the Bighorns!

XFestive Coloring

Draw and color with your favorite Nick Jr. friends!

XBlazing Challenges: Temperature

Blaze and AJ teach a lesson about temperature by using Blaze's hose to cool down the boiling hot lava.

XBlazing Challenges: Potential Energy

Learn about potential energy with Blaze and AJ as they use Blaze's catapult to stop the robo-knights.


A jealous Crusher sends Darington far away, so it's up to Blaze and AJ to rescue their friend.

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Blaze & the Monster Machines