XFired Up!

Axle City’s fire chief is impressed with Blaze’s courage and thinks maybe he has what it takes to be a firefighter.

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XBlaze's Speed Lights

When the racetrack goes dark, Blaze transforms into a light rider in order to catch the light thief!

XReady, Set, Go

Build, explore, transform, and count with Blaze and all of his favorite friends!

XLever Power

When Zeg's tail gets stuck under a big rock, Blaze and AJ create a lever to lift the heavy load and free him.

XMeet Blaze

You want speed? He's got it! You want power? Blaze is unstoppable! He's the machine that's leading the pack.


A jealous Crusher sends Darington far away, so it's up to Blaze and AJ to rescue their friend.

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Blaze & the Monster Machines