Background Art
XBubble Kitty!

In this rocky tribute to cats, Molly and Gil find a lost kitten named Bubble Kitty, and take it home to Meownt Rushmore.

Full Episode
XBuddy Like You Song

Grab your buddy and sing along to this tune about fantastic friends!

XBlast Off

Blast off into space in this Nick Jr. collection of space games!

XBubble Guppies Crafty Creatures

Gil and Molly from Bubble Guppies come to life with simple items found at home and a bit of imagination!

XPet-acular Pals

Spend some time with Nick Jr's cute and cuddly pet pals!

XAt the Zoo!

Molly sings about all the fascinating animals you can meet at the zoo!

XHalloween Sticker Fun

Create your own Halloween stickerbook with your favorite Nick Jr. characters.

XWings Over Bubbletucky

Molly and Gil help their duckling friend, Beep, rescue his family from flying into a storm cloud.

XBuild Me a Building

Four walls and a roof are totally cool in this catchy tune!

XHome Sweet Tree

Deema helps a bird and a bunny find the perfect home in a tree.

XBig Blue Basketball

Deema's Big Bouncy Ball Bazaar has many kinds of balls, but Molly's looking for something specific.

XAny Way You Slice It

How much is half? Find out how Nonny and Gil share pizza so everyone gets the same amount!

XHow Many Stamps?

Help weigh and stamp packages with Nonny.

XOnce Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was a group of Bubble Guppies who loved to sing about fairytales.

XA Long Time Ago

Yo, yo, yo, listen up! The Bubble Guppies are going to break it down for you, dino-style!

XBall Hog

When the Ball Hog takes their football and their soccer ball, how will Oona and Dema deal with him?

XChoose The Right Ball

From baseball to bowling, choose the right ball with the Bubble Guppies!