XCheck Up Day

Dora’s on her way to the doctor’s for her yearly check up, and she won't be making this visit on her own!

Dora the Explorer: Check Up Day
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XMagnet Bridge

Dora and Emma get help from the crane to pick up pieces of the bridge and fix it so they can cross safely.

DTE: Magnet Bridge
XDora's Dot to Dot

Let’s count with Dora! In this preschool game, kids can practice their counting skills by following the numbers to connect the dots and complete each puzzle

Age: 3-6

Dora's Dot to Dot
XIcy Cold River

Dora and Boots are on a berry hunt! How will they get to Blueberry Hill with the icy cold river in the way?

DTE: Icy Cold River
XDIY Dora The Explorer Bracelet

DIY your own Dora The Explorer bracelet

DIY Dora The Explorer Bracelet
XDora's Moonlight Adventure

While taking care of Abuela's little kitties, Dora awakens to find that Lucky has chased a ball of string right into a storybook world!

Dora the Explorer: Dora's Moonlight Adventure
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XThe Runaway Wagon

When a pig accidentally starts rolling down a hill in a wagon, Dora and Boots come to the rescue!

DTE: The Runaway Wagon
XFriends Forever Coloring Book

Draw, color, and add stickers to the lovable friendships from Dora the Explorer, PAW Patrol, and bubble Guppies!

Nick Jr. Friends Forever Coloring Book
XFixing the Flute

Dora and Boots run into a very windy bridge, and their flute breaks! Will you help them fix it?

DTE: Fixing the Flute
XThanksgiving Day

When Swiper tries to swipe their pie, Dora and Boots invite him to join them at Thanksgiving dinner.

DTE: Thanksgiving Day
XBenny the Castaway

Dora and Boots are getting ready for a big beach picnic, but Benny gets stranded on Coconut Island and needs rescuing.

Dora the Explorer: Benny the Castaway
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XThe Ice Skating Competition

Watch Dora compete in the ultimate ice skating competition against the Ice Witch!

DTE: The Ice Skating Competition
XHop-hop-hoppy Easter! Dora and Boots are waiting for their friend, the Hip-Hop-Bunny, to bring his basket filled with eggs and treats for their big Egg Hunt! But just as the Bunny arrives at the forest, Swiper swipes the basket and throws it far, far away into the Rainbow Garden -- where it's headed for a waterfall! Oh no! We've gotta save the Bunny's basket! It's Dora and Boots to the rescue as they join the Bunny on an Easter Day Adventure: singing the Hip-hop-Bunny's Easter Song; going past the itchy-scratchy flowers at the Garden; through the Petting Zoo; and racing down the Rainbow River on a giant rubber ducky to save the basket! Dora catches the basket just in time and we head home for a big Easter Egg Hunt with all of our friends! What an Eggciting Adventure!

Dora's Easter Adventure: Dora's Easter Adventure: Dora and Boots are waiting for a visit for the Hip-Hop-Bunny, who's bringing all the Easter Eggs for the big Egg Hunt!

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