Background Art
XThe Butterfly Ball

Dora, Boots and their new friend Mariposa are on their way to a special Butterfly Ball where every one gets to go loop-de-loop with their magic wings! But they'll need your to get there on time!

Full Episode
XKittens With Mittens

The three little kittens lost their mittens, but don't worry! Dora and Boots are here to help find them!

XBlast Off

Blast off into space in this Nick Jr. collection of space games!

XDora the Explorer: Theme Song Mash-up

Check out all the different languages in the Dora the Explorer Theme Song Mashup! Can you perfect the languages and sing along?

XDora Crafty Creatures

Dora from Dora and Friends comes to life with simple items found at home and a bit of imagination!

XTail of Thorns

Ouch! Dora and Boots help Cocodrilo when he gets thorns stuck in his tail.

XHalloween Sticker Fun

Create your own Halloween stickerbook with your favorite Nick Jr. characters.

XWatering the Witch

Dora and Boots must stop the Wicked Witch from capturing Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion!

XSchool Science Fair

Help Dora get her volcano project to the school in time for the school's science fair!

XPegasus Adventure

Dora and her friends must find all the constellations after a meteor shower scares them away.

XLittle Cooks

Dora is baking a cake and needs your help!

XProtect the Puppies!

The puppies are in danger! Dora needs YOUR help to save Little Boots and keep all the rest of the puppies clean!

XLet's Do the Crab Dance

Get up, sing out and shake in the sand with Dora and Boots

XTouch Your Toes

Touch your toes and tickle the sky. Dora will show you how!

XTreasure Island

Argh! Dora and Boots meet Pirate Pig for the very first time.