XBenny the Castaway

Dora and Boots are getting ready for a big beach picnic, but Benny gets stranded on Coconut Island and needs rescuing.

Dora the Explorer: Benny the Castaway
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XDIY Dora The Explorer Bracelet

DIY your own Dora The Explorer bracelet

DIY Dora The Explorer Bracelet
XThe Runaway Wagon

When a pig accidentally starts rolling down a hill in a wagon, Dora and Boots come to the rescue!

DTE: The Runaway Wagon
XA Ribbon for Pinto

Dora, Boots, and Pinto's train breaks down on the way to the Big Horse Show. Can they make it in time?

Dora the Explorer: A Ribbon for Pinto
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XFixing the Flute

Dora and Boots run into a very windy bridge, and their flute breaks! Will you help them fix it?

DTE: Fixing the Flute
XThanksgiving Day

When Swiper tries to swipe their pie, Dora and Boots invite him to join them at Thanksgiving dinner.

DTE: Thanksgiving Day
XThe Ice Skating Competition

Watch Dora compete in the ultimate ice skating competition against the Ice Witch!

DTE: The Ice Skating Competition
XClosing the Gate

When a witch chases after Dora and Boots, they must close the gate before she can catch them.

DTE: Closing the Gate
XConey Island Bound

Dora and Boots need help getting to Coney Island! They need to go past a mountain and a lake to get there!

DTE: Coney Island Bound
XThe Prickly Forest

Dora and Boots need to get past the prickly forest! They can't go through it or around it, so they go over it!

DTE: The Prickly Forest
XLittle Map

Map has been teaching Little Map to draw all sorts of pictures

Dora the Explorer: Little Map
XDIY Boots with Dots

DIY Boots from Dora The Explorer with dots

DIY Boots with Dots

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