XDora's Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom

Dora and Boots go on an underwater adventure to bring a lost mermaid back home to Mermaid Cove.

Dora the Explorer: 'Dora's Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom'
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XThe Ice Skating Competition

Watch Dora compete in the ultimate ice skating competition against the Ice Witch!

DTE: The Ice Skating Competition
XClosing the Gate

When a witch chases after Dora and Boots, they must close the gate before she can catch them.

DTE: Closing the Gate
XConey Island Bound

Dora and Boots need help getting to Coney Island! They need to go past a mountain and a lake to get there!

DTE: Coney Island Bound
XThe Prickly Forest

Dora and Boots need to get past the prickly forest! They can't go through it or around it, so they go over it!

DTE: The Prickly Forest
XLittle Map

Map has been teaching Little Map to draw all sorts of pictures

Dora the Explorer: Little Map
XDIY Boots with Dots

DIY Boots from Dora The Explorer with dots

DIY Boots with Dots
XBasket Fishing

When Boots’ basket falls off a bridge, Dora uses a fishing pole to pull it back up!

DTE: Basket Fishing
Xhe Piggy Gate

When Boots goes into the pigpen, Dora must close the gate so the pigs don't run away!

DTE: The Piggy Gate
XGetting to Grandma's House

Dora and Boots must ask the Map for help to find out how to get to Grandma's house!

DTE: Getting to Grandma's House
XBananas for the Bluebird

Dora and Boots help the baby bluebird find some yummy bananas to eat!

DTE: Bananas for the Bluebird

Nope, you're not seeing double; it's Twins Day! Help Dora and Boots get Perrito to the party to meet his twin!

Dora the Explorer: Twinning!

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