XDora's Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure

When Swiper swipes a special rainbow ribbon, Dora and Boots need your help to get it back.

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XThe Amazing Animal Circus

Boots and Baby Jaguar are surprising Dora and Diego with an Amazing Animal Circus and you're invited!

XChicken Feet

Big Red Chicken has his foot stuck in paint! Can Dora and Boots help him so he can finish his picture?

XA Royal Invitation

Dora and Boots rescue Mariposa the Butterfly from the dangerous bushes! In return she invites them to attend the Butterfly Ball! You're invited too!

XBenny the Castaway

Dora and Boots are preparing for their picnic when they receive a message in a bottle from Benny. He's stranded on an island where it rains coconuts! It's up to Dora, Boots and you to save him.

XSwiper's Promise

Swiper promises not to swipe anybody else's things if Dora and Boots will help him find his favorite items.

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