XHungry Camel Hump

The camels' river is drying up, and they're thirsty! Will Diego be able to help the camels find water?

Go, Diego, Go: Hungry Camel Hump
XBetty's Dance Contest

Diego and the spider help Betty get through the spider's web so she can get to her dance competition.

Diego: Betty's Dance Contest
XNick Jr. Sings: Dinosaurs

Enter the prehistoric world and learn all about dinosaurs! Dance and sing along with Diego, Dora, Team Umizoomi and Bubble Guppies in this exciting and fun Nick Jr. Sings video.

Nick Jr. Sings: Dinosaurs

Baby Jaguar becomes the best of friends with a little duckling in this video about friendship.

Go, Diego, Go: Friends
XTwin Gorillas

Diego follows the gorilla footprints and is seeing double when he finds twin baby gorillas!

Diego: Twin Gorillas
XThe Hidden Tunnel

Diego, Dora, and Lonely Louie need help to travel through the hidden tunnel!

Diego: The Hidden Tunnel
XThe Baby Monarch

Come join in to sing along and help the Baby Monarch fly-- by being a butterfly with Diego and Dora!

Go, Diego, Go: The Baby Monarch
XSounds Like The Rainforest

Diego and Alicia have a concert in the rainforest and make music with all of the animals!

Diego: Sounds Like The Rainforest
XThe Drum Flowers

Let's make music with Diego and Kicho by helping them find a drum so they can get past the drum flowers.

Go, Diego, Go: The Drum Flowers
XMusical Magic

Join Diego as he watches his friend, Kicho, play his magical flute for the mountain animals.

Go, Diego, Go: Musical Magic
XPlayground Test

Join Diego as he swings and jumps to test out the new Animal Rescuer Playground.

Go, Diego, Go: Playground Test
XIguana Rescue

Iggy the Iguana is missing! He can't move in the cold, so Diego races against the setting sun to find him.

Go, Diego, Go: Iguana Rescue