XSing-Song Sick

Hazel, Lavender, and Posie sing their way around Charmville after they accidentally catch the sing-song pox!

XRainbow Troubles

Hazel turns herself into a unicorn to help another unicorn named Lulu learn to jump over rainbows!

XOgre Encounter

On a Charmer's camp out, Hazel, Posie, and Lavender get lost on a hike and meet an ogre in the woods!

XFlying Lessons

When Hazel, Lavender, and Posie clean the fairy dust out of the magic carpet, they must teach it how to fly again!

XFroggy Fun

When Hazel, Posie, and Lavendar are turned into frogs, they make the most of it before the potion wears off!

XOrigami Glam

Willow proves her craft skills as she shows Hazel, Posie, and Lavender how to make a giant origami butterfly.

Little Charmers