XSir Coach's Quest

When Sir Coach embarks on a dangerous quest, Nella tags along and realizes she still has a lot to learn.

Nella the Princess Knight: 'Sir Coach's Quest/The Dragon Knight'
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XThe Three-Headed Snooflederf

When Garrett and his friends believe they see the Three-Headed Snooflederf, Nella shows them the truth.

Nella: The Three-Headed Snooflederf
XCastle Creator

Design your own fantasy castle for Nella and her friends!

Nella the Princess Knight: Castle Creator
XHelping Each Other

Nella, Garrett, Trinket, and Clod set out to help a dragon with her monstrous manners.

Nella: Helping Each Other
XSaving Minatori

Minatori goes into a yucky, sticky swamp while chasing after a frog, and Nella and Olivia must rescue her!

Nella: Saving Minatori
XNo Gown, No Crown, No Party

Olivia convinces Minatori that she must kiss a frog to attend a fancy tea party.

Nella the Princess Knight: 'No Gown, No Crown, No Party/Clod Monet'
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When the snorkelmanders' beach ball goes flying, Nella steps in to save baby Norma.

Nella: Snorkelmanders
XNella the Princess Knight: Rollerfest

This free online educational game helps children develop shape recognition and shape memory skills, all while interacting with their favorite Nella the Princess Knight characters!

Nella the Princess Knight: Rollerfest
XSir Coach's Bow

When Sir Coach forgets his bow and leaves without it, Nella comes to the rescue!

Nella: Sir Coach's Bow
XWhen Life Gives You Lemons

At the Share Fair, Nella helps Willow and Minatori make the best of a sour situation.

Nella: When Life Gives You Lemons
XPink Bubble Mess

Watch Nella and Trinket run into a forest of pink bubbles to try and save Smelgly!

Nella: Pink Bubble Mess
XNella Castlehaven Explorer

Explore the world of Nella the Princess Knight to find hidden surprises around Castlehaven!

Nella the Princess Knight: Castlehaven Explorer

Nella the Princess Knight