XPups Find a Genie

Rubble finds an old brass Jack in the Box, with a genie inside who grants him three wishes!

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XA Stinky Situation

Ryder, Chase, and Rocky use the newest PAW Patrol tool to float a super stinky flower back to Foggy Bottom.

XFriends Forever Coloring Book

Draw, color, and add stickers to the lovable friendships from Dora the Explorer, PAW Patrol, and bubble Guppies!

XMarshall's Dragon Dream

Marshall takes a nap and dreams about facing a fire-breathing dragon who's blocking the Lookout Tower!

XSaving Their Hero

Apollo the Super Pup and some bunnies are caught in a web inside a cave! The PAW Patrol needs to rescue them!

XPups Save Walinda

Skye and Marshall help Cap'n Turbot plan a special celebration for Wally the Walrus, but Wally is a no-show.

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